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Avengers: Infinity War The Review You’ve Been Waiting For

*Warning: there are spoilers but there aren’t spoilers*

It saddens me to say this, but Marvel movies are serving right now and DC Movies are stuck washing dishes.

Avengers: Infinity War is basically 10 years worth of post-credits scenes summed up quick, like the snap of a finger.

With many characters, locations, and four different plots happening all at one time. It’s all worth it when viewers witness the power of Thanos within the first 5 minutes of the film.

The hype behind Thanos that has tied all previous Marvel films together is believable.

As promised, Infinity War revolves around Thanos. Marvel, like most of their films, delivers a spectacle of eyegasmic computer-generated glory. There aren’t just views to be seen but there’s a story to be told with this one. After only glimpses of Thanos through post-credit scenes, his backstory and motivations are laid out as smooth as butter from the beginning. Thanos is established as an absurdly powerful and nearly unstoppable force from jump. Josh Brolin who plays the Mad Titan does just that as he desecrates the galaxy. All while adding a sense of complex but justified motivation to the cliché villainous plan. Much like Killmonger, Thanos was right.

Infinity War which will be split into two parts was never intended to be its own separate movie. Let’s just assume that anything is up in the air as of this moment in this MCU’s timeline, judging from that ending.

Upon entering watching Infinity War it’s expected to be a normal Marvel movie. The cliche story arc goes, the heroes are introduced, the villain gives some half-ass plan for domination, the villain gets close to achieving the plan, villain loses after heroes find that chink in the armor.

This isn’t the case with Infinity Wars. The difference is that fans see the heroes see each other, we are finally brought to a semi-complete circle after 10 years, we watch them mightiest heroes struggle as both heroes and people alike, we feel their fear, and we are shifted from the movie seats into the film.

Marvel changed the game by throwing out their bland bubble gum story arc and gave viewer endless flavor. This is why Avengers: Infinity War is serving with confidence.

The only problem however is the film is too confident. They decided to give us too much flavor by attempting to force feed the audience Vision and Wanda’s relationship. As if there wasn’t enough going on. Their story arc was basically irrelevant pertaining to the larger picture, or was it?

I could go deep with theories for what happens next, but it’s not the time for all that. I will say that although the filmmakers try to sneak you with little jabs of sympathetic empathy, you’ll walk out the theater feeling like you got knocked out and you don’t know who did it. Infinity War lands all its hits at once during the last 10 minutes, be prepared. If you know what’s what, there are surprises to look out for, hints to be caught, and a tasteful cameo after the credits.

Although, we have a while before the fourth and final Avengers film is released. The Russos brothers left a mark on the comic book film game like Ray Allen in final seconds of the finals. Y’all know what I’m talking about. Infinity Wars comes in clutch, delivering some of best moments all Marvel the movie films combined. Besides Incredible Hulk.…… it’s a must-see.

Avengers: Infinity Wars is out now.

Avengers: Infinity Wars Part: 2 is initially set to be released May 3, 2019

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