Aaron Judge: A Star Is Born In Magic City

Coming into the All-Star break most teams are still deciding what team they’re going to be the rest of the way. One of those teams that will need to decide is the New York Yankees, who will have the option to be either buyers or sellers.

They’re second in the East and have one of the most confusing rosters in baseball. Made up of a collection of overpaid veterans and drastically underpaid young stars on the rise.

One of those players is Aaron Judge who won the Home Run Derby on Monday. There were great expectations for the Rookie to not only put on a show but winning the competition outright.

Well, let’s just say he didn’t disappoint in any sense of the word. The rookie made his debut at All-Star weekend and came out with a bang. To illustrate, when Judge stepped into the batter’s box, everyone knew they were about to see something special. Most notably, we did, as every person lucky enough to have a ticket, watched in awe.

Being the first rookie to ever win the Derby only adds to the legend of the Judge.

In the same way, a great actor can make a movie feel like it’s more than just a movie when Judge comes to bat, it feels like more than baseball.

His stance, his swing, the power behind his bat, the Rookie sensation is easily the most important player in Baseball today.

This may or may not be a premature declaration but Aaron Judge is something special and we need to keep it that way.

The 6’7” & 280 pound Judge is leading the league in HR, OBP, SLG, OPS and Total Bases. For a while, he was even leading in batting average.  He’s a player on the rise and can bring the game out of the dark ages.

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