8 Early Observations of the 2016 NBA Playoffs


GREENVILLE – It’s absolutely delightful to watch the best players in the world scrap for the Larry O’Brien trophy.

This year is no exception—in one of the more exciting NBA years—the game just seems to evolve, gracefully. After a week of sifting the game’s greats, here are eight observations that stand out in all eight NBA playoff series.


Cavs/Pistons: (series 3-0)

The Cavs are clearly playing the role of Muhammad Ali in that they seem to wait for a specific opponent tendency, then, when it’s time, they strike. The only way to explain it: the mind of LeBron. Simply put, Cavs are better at shooting, rebounding and defense—the end.

Raptors/Pacers: (series 2-2)

Amid the resurgence of his NBA career, Paul George is reminding NBA enthusiasts he has the potential to be the best two-way player in the game, sentiments of Frank Vogel. However, the tough-minded, nitty-gritty, Villanova’s own, Kyle Lowry, is a baller, and so is the high-flying DeMar DeRozan.

Heat/Hornets: (series 2-1)

With Chris Bosh’s absence, Joe Johnson has stepped in nicely, at times. Dwyane Wade seems to have conserved his energy over the year nicely, and now he seems to be consistently effective. Hassan Whiteside is a beast when it comes to blocks and rebounding, but he needs a consistent post-game. Kemba Walker and Jeremy Lin are igniting the Hornets, causing players like Frank Kaminsky and Tyler Zeller to have a legitimate impact on the game.

Hawks/Celtics: (series 2-1)