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7 Ideas To Sharpen Your Child’s Brain

Albert Einstein once said that what thinking is to man, flying is to bird. Indeed, thinking develops the wings of freedom. A much essential part of life which helps in developing a man’s character and personality.

On the one hand, this thinking comes from a sharp robust mind, on the other hand, the mind is sharpened by thinking. So, in a way, they go hand in hand and complete each other.

Now, this thinking pattern or the thought process can’t be developed in a day. For this, you need to constantly challenge your capabilities and sharpen your mind. This is rather difficult once you have become an adult as your convictions are already shaped by the time you reach adulthood.

Hence, it is extremely important that we nurture this from the nascent stage – right at the beginning when kids have an inquisitive mind. So, here are certain ideas to tickle the brain cells of your child and sharpen their brain.

Inculcate the habit of learning

Children learn anything and everything. Their learning isn’t restricted to books, schools, labs etc. They pick up things on the go. Anything they see is a matter of curiosity and learning.

So, it’s important to cultivate this curiosity and channelize it towards the direction of learning. The first step is to make them aware of the importance of reading. Read as much as possible in front of them.

This will encourage them to read anything. Literally, anything that comes their way. This irregular reading habit is a great way to learn and sharpen the mind. Secondly, utilise music and songs, audio stimulation is a fantastic way to encourage your child’s learning. They’ll love singing along to their favourite songs, and it’s adorable to watch as well.

Build the knack for a hobby

Childhood is the time when hobbies are developed. It’s the perfect time to discover new things and find your happiness in them. A hobby may be anything from reading books to building up things to sketching or collecting things.

Practicing a hobby develops a thinking mind which is sensitive to a particular cause. One which has understood the importance of something. However, trivial it might be, it helps in character development and boosting your concentration power.

Challenge them with games and puzzles

A tried and trusted formula to make them things is the use of puzzles and games. Kids dread the conventional learning method. For them, everything is a game and they learn and think through these games.

So, get hold of science kits, puzzle games, pictorial puzzles, an australian aboriginal word search, crossword puzzles, brain teasers, building blocks, science games etc. to make them think. This goes well with their curious experimenting nature. This, in a sense, drives them towards science experiment which in a way develops the much needed scientific temper.

Encourage Making Connections

This might not seem as important as the other points but it’s essential. Building up proper connections activates our brains in certain ways which can’t be done by other things.

Whether you are connecting with a character in the book or a real person, a connection places you in a spot where you have never been. Here you learn to think and act as another person.

These circumstances flare up the brain cells.

Let them visualize stories

Our mind is a visual medium. It allots images to words and makes the memory. So, in order to boost our thinking, we need to visualize things.

Enquire what they think when they hear certain words. For example, what does school reminds of? What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear lab?

If the lab reminds of experiments. Implore further to understand the perspective. What do we have there only some fun with experiments or does it including playing with the waste, managing it? This will drive them towards the understanding of waste management in labs and hence it’s true nature.

So, in this way we tease the brain to visualize and learn new things.

Encourage maths skills

Although one of the most dreadful subjects to kids but maths can do what many couldn’t. It can guide the brain in the right direction and make it think more rationally and logically.

So, learning maths is an essential aspect. Let them develop this by simply asking questions and answering them. Playfully applying it to daily life and learning it through fun.

Nurture a healthy living

Last but not the least, nurture a healthy way of living. A healthy body is a key to a healthy mind which in turn makes it sharp and witty.

In order to keep it healthy, it needs a healthy lifestyle which includes 8 hours of sleep, eating a healthy meal with plenty of water and fruits. Also a regular indulgence of exercise and play time.

Together all these makes a healthy sharp mind.

Written by: Ross co-author of Supercharge Organic Traffic: A popular course focusing on Organic Traffic for Ecommerce.


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