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5 Tips for Developing Mental Toughness for the Millennial Man

Today’s modern and fast-paced environment has the ability to make or break you. As an entrepreneur, leader, and motivator, I’ve encountered many challenges that have enabled me to build a solid foundation for navigating through life. I value my mental toughness for helping me reach my goals in life. Without the determination, confidence, and general mindset to overcome any and all challenges, I would be a much different man.

I credit my mother and grandmother for the success in my life. They helped shape the man, the father and the leader I am today. All of my adolescent years were spent in the great state of Georgia. I resided in the Fort Stewart/Hinesville military community. My upbringing was pretty diverse. I had a diverse upbringing because my family moved to Baumholder, Germany and I was exposed to foreign cultures and languages. My family did not have a lot in material things but one thing that I do remember having was many friends, always participating in youth sports, traveling to many cities and my little sisters to rough up on to provide them, big brother love.

These years were memorable as they helped strengthen my mental toughness as a young man growing up. A lot is expected of boys and men in our society, so I took several life lessons as examples to stay grounded in who I am. Without these experiences and moments, I would not be the man I am today. As equally important, without the love and support of my family, I would not have the same capacity for compassion and empathy.

These influences taught me a lot of the meaning of treating others with dignity and respect. My military child experience is indeed a blessing. As experienced by many millennial men, it’s important to remember how to keep their mental toughness, but also balance it with the ability to feel secure in their emotions. Here are 5 tips that millennial men should keep in mind:

  1. Always be humble and treat your character like your credit score.

  2. Remember that life is not fair and things rarely go as they are planned.

  3. Diversify your surroundings to enrich your life and mind.

  4. There is no job that is below you, you have to start somewhere.

  5. Treat others with dignity and respect.

Written by Christian D. Price

The views expressed are my own and do not reflect the official policy or position of the U.S. Army, Department of Defense, or the U.S. Government. To learn more, follow Christian D. Price on Instagram and on Facebook.

Photo credit: Keith Estep Photography

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