5 Strategies for Building Great Character in 2020

Great character is just one simple foundational block to building genuine relationships in their personal and professional lives. I’ve come to realize that your credit score can be used to determine your character. Our credit score is something we strive to increase and protect. When learning how to make smart financial decisions, we understand the value and weight of a high credit score. Similar to having a high credit score, we must also have a “high” value of our character. How do you view your character score? How do others value your character score? Do your words and actions align with your character?

As a Master Sergeant in the United States Army, I have been able to define the traits of a good character taught to me by my parents. Over the last 18 years, I have had the privilege of working for leaders that embody the five character traits that I deem important. The Army has its own Values and Ethics that are taught from the moment you earn the title “Soldier.” LDRSHIP, defined as L-loyalty, D-duty, R-respect, S-selfless service, H-honor, I-integrity, P-personal courage. These seven Army values coupled with my personal five below have defined my character “score.”

  1. Honesty. Being honest shows you can be trusted. It also shows people in your personal and business life, that you are authentic and consistent.

  2. Discipline