3 Top Bachelor Party Ideas for Every Budget

e first bachelor parties ever recorded were held in ancient Greece in the 5th century. These gatherings were held by people that would later be recognized for their fortitude and loyalty: the Spartans.

They would prepare a lavish dinner for their betrothed brother-in-arms the night before he was to wed and pay tribute to the groom through feast and drink. Though Sparta would eventually fall, the tradition of the bachelor party spread far and wide as other cultures adopted and revised it.

These days, a common tradition for most bachelor parties is for the groom’s best man to be largely responsible for the planning of it. Planning a bachelor party can be a daunting ordeal. For those tasked with organizing a buddy’s last night on earth as a single man, here are a few suggestions, ranging from inexpensive to extravagant, for giving the groom a memorable bachelor party.

1. Go Camping

For a bachelor party on a budget, camping with friends will likely give you the most bang for your buck. Plus, gifting the groom with time away from wedding preparations like cake sampling, dry cleaning, invitation writing and suit fitting will also help him recharge.

Another great thing about a camping bachelor party is that the planning and preparations can be distributed to all guests, and best of all, each camper is responsible for bringing his own accommodations. Also, it’s likely several guests will already own camping equipment, and any necessities not accounted for could be rented instead of having to purchase it.

The only real expense would be food and beverages — lots of beverages. Out in the open air, with the people who are truly happy for the man of the hour, cooking over an open campfire, reminiscing about old times, anticipating those times to come and drinking beer is sure to provide a great time and plenty of memories. This relaxing and inexpensive bachelor party is sure to provide an authentic and truly rewarding experience.

2. Plan for a Game Night