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Eddie Murphy's New Holiday Film 'Candy Cane Lane' Brings Laughter and Holiday Magic

Updated: 10/10/2023

Eddie Murphy is back and this time it's in a heartwarming and hilarious holiday film, Candy Cane Lane. Directed by Reginald Hudlin and with a screenplay by Kelly Younger, this festive comedy adventure promises to be an amazing addition to your holiday movie watchlist.

The film follows Eddie Murphy's character, Chris, as he embarks on a mission to win his neighborhood's annual Christmas home decoration contest. However, things take an unexpected turn when Chris makes a deal with a mischievous elf named Pepper, played by Jillian Bell. In an attempt to improve his chances of winning, Pepper casts a magical spell that brings the 12 Days of Christmas to life, resulting in chaos and mayhem throughout the town.

To save Christmas and prevent Pepper's magical mischief from ruining the holidays for his family and neighbors, Chris, his wife Carol (Tracee Ellis Ross), and their three children must race against the clock. Their journey is filled with humorous encounters with deviously magical characters, creating a blend of laughter and heartwarming moments that define the holiday spirit.

Hudlin expressed his excitement about the project, saying, "I can’t wait for the world to see 'Candy Cane Lane.' I’ve wanted to make a Christmas movie my whole life, but I wanted to do something fresh and surprising. Eddie Murphy and this hilarious cast really bring the funny, it’s super Christmas-y, and it will hit you right in the feels." With Hudlin's passion for creating a unique Christmas movie experience, it's evident that Candy Cane Lane will offer a refreshing take on the genre.

The film boasts an all-star ensemble cast that includes the talented Jillian Bell, Ken Marino, Nick Offerman, Robin Thede, Chris Redd, D.C. Young Fly and Anjelah Johnson-Reyes.

Candy Cane Lane premieres on Prime Video on December 1.


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