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How to Become a Professional Web Designer

Over the past few years, the technology industry has seen an overwhelming amount of popularity, and for good reason. There are so many different career paths you can take. One of which includes building appealing websites. Those who build websites for the internet are known as web designers. These days, many businesses and companies require a web designer to help them build websites, so they can brand themselves better. Here's everything you need to know about becoming a web designer.

You Need to Pursue a Degree in Web Design

As with any career, you need to have the proper education. The best way to receive the education you need is to go to college. Though to be honest, you don't necessarily need to obtain a degree to learn how to build websites. It's possible to learn on your own using free resources, but they don't exactly cover everything you need to know. They also don't give you the proper hands-on experience that a degree program does.

As for the degree itself, a BA in web design can cost as much as $65,000. To pay for this, your best course of action is to look into Earnest student loans. Earnest is a company that issues low-rate private student loans. High interest rates can make paying back your debt very difficult as they can fluctuate when you least expect it. Private student loans can help you focus on your program without having the added stress of an increased payment.

Take Your Time Mastering Your Skills

Whether you are making a career change or this is your first adult job, building websites is something that isn't learned overnight. It's going to take a while before you can start building professional-grade websites. Even after you're finished with your degree program, it's in your best interest to continue honing your skills. Below is a list of skills that you need to master:

  • The ins and outs of graphic software, like Adobe Photoshop

  • The programming languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript

  • How to properly incorporate SEO

  • The web design theory

  • Effective communication skills

While everyone learns differently, it can take an average four to six months to understand what you need to know. Make sure to apply yourself as much as you can.

Aim for Certification

Interestingly enough, web designers can opt to diversify their portfolio by acquiring various forms of certification. Keep in mind that some may require you to further your education a bit more, but it's well worth the effort if it means landing a position easier. Having this certification demonstrates your skill and mastery of the field, which is what employers want to see.

Start Searching for Your Job

Once everything is all said and done, and you feel confident in your skills, now's the time to start searching for a job. This can probably be the hardest part of your career. Finding a job, especially in a field that's saturated, can be difficult. That said, you want to boost your confidence at work to maximize your chances as much as possible. You need to show employers you're a step above the competition and that you're the company's best choice.

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