Tips for Making a Career Change

If you’re contemplating a career change, you aren’t alone. In fact, both men and women are leaving their current jobs and career fields at record rates right now in what’s being called "The Great Resignation."

There are a lot of factors causing people to leave their jobs or contemplate a career change. The pandemic, for example, changed priorities for many people and made them realize they wanted something different.

If you’re in the midst of contemplating a career change, your focus might be on finding a more exciting job. For example, maybe you want to get out of a cubicle and work in security or as a first responder. Maybe you’d like a career where you can interact with people more, or you might like the idea of being involved in technology.

Regardless of the specific things you’re interested in, the following are tips and things to keep in mind when making a career change.

Assess Yourself

Men aren’t always great at assessing themselves. Before you make any change in your line of work or career field, take some time to understand more about yourself.

Know what your interests are as well as your values. Know the hard skills you possess, and also the soft skills.