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8 Tips to Make Long Distance Relationships Work

Long-distance relationships are notoriously difficult, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them work. Many of the tenets of a successful relationship also apply to long-distance relationships, such as open communication and affection. If you want to improve your long-distance relationship, here are eight ways to make it work.

Be Committed

If you’re not committed to a long-distance relationship, it’s never going to work. In fact, you and your partner should talk about your commitment to the relationship before the relationship even begins, because you don’t want to find out your partner isn’t committed months into the relationship. If you’re not committed to the relationship, you should avoid it.

Take Advantage of Technology

Long-distance relationships were a lot more difficult when technology was limited. With today’s technology, it’s easy to stay in touch with somebody on the other side of the world, and you’ve even got multiple ways to do it. If you want a more personal way to communicate with technology, video chatting is a great way to stay close from a distance.

Have an Endgame

Chances are you and your partner don’t want a permanent long-distance relationship, so make sure you have a plan for when you’ll be together. Talk with your partner about where you might want to live and when that could happen, and follow through with your plans so you can eventually buy a home and live together.

Send Gifts

Your options are limited when it comes to displaying affection from afar, but gifts are a great way to show your long-distance lover how much you care. Multicolor roses and other flowers are the perfect gifts for a long-distance relationship. Little gifts can remind your partner how much you care and give them something to remember you by on a daily basis.

Be Confident

In the early days of the internet, long-distance relationships were viewed as weird. While that way of thinking is mostly out the window in today’s society, it can still be hard to feel confident when you’re the only one in your friend group who’s in a long-distance relationship. Try to stay confident and remember that your relationship is no less valid than theirs. In fact, your long-distance relationship won’t be long-distance forever.

Stay on a Schedule

Long-distance relationships often mean different timezones, which can make it tough to stay in touch every day. The best way to make sure you’re staying in touch and not missing phone calls or Facetimes is to stick to a schedule. When you have a set time that you can talk on the phone or watch a show together when you’re both done with work, it’s easier to feel close.

Set Boundaries

Being in a long-distance relationship means having a lot of trust, which starts with setting clear boundaries regarding the relationship. Try to avoid posting anything on social media that might make your partner feel threatened or uncomfortable, and make sure you’re sticking to the boundaries and rules you have set for each other.

Communicate Clearly

Communication is an important part of any successful relationship. In fact, communication is so important in relationships that there are books about how to communicate in a relationship. It’s important that you’re honest with your partner and let them know how you feel, especially if something crosses a boundary or makes you uncomfortable.

Relationships are difficult enough without adding hundreds or thousands of miles of distance between the two of you. The good news is, there are ways to make your long-distance relationship easier for you and your partner. If you want to have a successful long-distance relationship, make sure you follow these eight rules.


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