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Cool Novelty Gift Ideas For Your Home

Novelty gifts don’t just have to be humorous. They should also be useful to the recipients. Finding cool, novelty gift ideas for your home can be a difficult task. That’s because it requires knowing what each family member loves and searching the internet for hours, and finding the perfect one.

Here are some cool home and living novelty gifts that can bring laughter into your house:

A Cool Umbrella

Some cool umbrellas like the ‘it is raining men umbrella’ can be a perfect gift for your family members. As they open it up, they may be awed by the creativity of its design. Apart from the design, it’s easy to close and open. It also has a snap that you can use to wrap the umbrella and store it for another day.

Its acrylic handle will make carrying the umbrella around comfortable. You can buy it for male or female individuals. It also has other features, including a transparent canopy and windproof design.

Pac Man Mug

This gift is perfect for your home’s occupants if they love taking cold or hot beverages. Its manufacturers think that it can bring life to the day’s drink. AS you pour a drink into this mug, Pac Man characters will appear before your eyes.

You can use it to start a conversation at a coffee shop. In fact, if you offer it to the barristers, you may hear them scream with excitement as they see the Pac dots appear. You can also gift this mug with some inspirational get well messages if someone close to your heart or your relative is not well.

Its heat-activated decal makes it a unique mug. It’s a perfect gift for video gamers who like drinking coffee or tea. It’s not suitable for microwave or dishwasher use. Its high-quality ceramic material makes it uniquely special.

Parrot Bottle Opener

This bottle opener can make opening your favorite beer or wine bottle fun. It comes with a corkscrew and bottle opener combo. It’s manufactured from aluminum metal and has a serrated foil cutter. It’s a unique gift because of its fashionable parrot shape.

It can help to create a conversation when you throw a home party or attend a friend’s party. Its size makes it easy to store in a kitchen drawer or bar area.

Smartphone Lampshade

This tiny lampshade can make your smartphone be a stylish nightlight. You only need to attach it to the phone and launch the flashlight up to power it.

It’s made from a sturdy PC and soft and durable TPU that make it easy to carry and store. It’s simple to attach and will allow you to watch movies and browse pages with ease. It’ll also save your eyes from straining and being affected by blue light.

Whale Butter Dish

This butter dish can make your kitchen happy. It can hold entire butter sticks and is dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe. Furthermore, it also has marks that’ll allow you to measure your butter easily. It comes in different sizes. The large space design has walls that prevent the butter from melting into the base. You can also rest a butter knife between the fishtail and the back of the lid.

It comes with two cutting measurement types for the west and east-coast butter sticks. The cutting measurements aim at helping you get the portion sizes accurately.

Bottom Line

There are several cool, novelty gift ideas for a home setup. Some will be loved by the foodies, while others will be adored by the creative types. These are but a few of the many novelty gift ideas.


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