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Here Are Method Man's Best Lyrics to Celebrate His 50th Birthday

Photo Credit: Daniel Prakopcyk

Method Man has been a fixture in hip hop for decades. From the east coast group, Wu-Tang clan, to the rap duo, Method Man & Redman, the rapper is known for his lyrical flow, as well as contributing to New York City being the hip hop capital in the world. When he isn't making surprise appearances on Verzuz, Method Man is flexing his acting chops on the hit Power spinoff, Power Book 2:Ghost.

The Quintessential Gentleman celebrates Method Man's 50th birthday by reliving some of his best lyrics over his career.

"Hey, you, get off my cloud

You don't know me and you don't know my style

Who be gettin' flam when they come to a jam?

Here I am here I am, the Method Man."

"Method Man"

"There are few things that's forever, my lady.

We can make war or make babies."

"You're All I Need"

"I'm taking one for the team,

Like Martin Luther King,

taking one for a dream"

"Dirty Mef"

"Valentine cards and birthday wishes? on another level of planning, of understanding

The bond between man and woman and child.

The highest elevation, cause we above

All that romance crap, just show your love."

"You're All I Need"

"Now whoever read me wrong can start by reading my palm / Make me catch a flashback of my father beating my mom / Kiss the ring, ain't easy being a don / So I gotta carry the heat, ain't easy being LeBron."

"Another Winter"

"All that pretty boy rap ain't where I'm really at / Besides rappers don't really ride, they piggyback / I'd trade them all to have 2Pac and Biggie back."

"Two Minutes Of Your Time"

Happy 50th Method Man!


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