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Meet the 2020 Lincoln Aviator

As we have officially bid farewell to one of the most technologically advanced decades in automobile history, Lincoln is gearing up to continue to bring innovation into 2020 with the all-new Lincoln Aviator.

We have shown major love to Lincoln’s long-running Navigator but the brand has so many luxury SUVs in its lineup that we will educate you on over the course of this year. The Aviator hit the scene in 2003 as Lincoln’s smaller, yet luxurious and sporty model that was modeled after the Ford Explorer. Still, in the same body class, the Aviator has quietly maintained its spot in the industry for almost two decades.

Under the hood, the Lincoln Aviator comes with a 400-hp twin-turbo V-6 which is by far the most powerful engines that are a standard feature in the mid-size luxury SUV arena. The transmission comes with a smooth-shifting 10-speed automatic transmission that can both cruise and accelerate when needed. On the inside, you can expect 3 rows of spacious seating, especially in the third row, which in most vehicles gives you just enough space to ride, but not enough to enjoy. The front passengers have the chance to enjoy 30-way massage seats and 28 different speakers to listen to your favorite movies or music. You can also look forward to four-zone climate control and a 360-degree camera system.

All of this luxury does come at a price that, in my opinion, is worth the investment. The base price of the Aviator is $52,195. When you begin to add the many different options you’ll note the price change. The Aviator Reserve – $57,28, Grand Touring- $69,895Black Label – $78,790 and the Grand Touring Black Label comes in around $88,895. Visit Lincoln Aviator online to see which package fits the life you want to live.


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