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Hyundai Advertises to Black Consumers With First-Ever Campaign 'OKAY Hyundai'!

Hyundai Motor's America has partnered with African American marketing agency, Culture Brands, to launch their first-ever marketing campaign entitled OKAY Hyundai, which aims to target the Black consumer. OKAY Hyundai was derived from the conversation art form of how the African American community acknowledges something or someone. The campaign aims to focus on an approach of less is more, but efficiency is supreme. In most cases with just one word, Okay, people on the receiving end are seen, praised and validated. See a fellow brother with a nice haircut? OKAY haircut! See a fella with nice shoes? OKAY Shoes. See someone driving a vehicle that elevates the entire market? OKAY Hyundai!

In my opinion, Hyundai has become one of the world's leading brands. From their sleek and industry-leading designs to the one million mile warranty the cars come with, Hyundai is a car for every person, that's why I drive one.

“OKAY is defined as a word that is used to express assent, agreement, or acceptance,” said Eunique Jones Gibson, CEO & Chief Creative Officer of Culture Brands. “In the African American community, placing OKAY before something is the quintessential way things worth noticing are acknowledged. Together, it’s the perfect nod to Hyundai and to our prospective buyers."

"As important as the cultural insights were to the creative, they were also used as a tool for the media placement,” added Erik Thomas, senior group manager, experiential & multicultural marketing, Hyundai Motor America. “We are reintroducing Hyundai to the community as a viable option for new vehicle prospects while showcasing the PHEV quality, benefits, and capabilities of these vehicles.”

Diverse representation was important to the making of the campaign. Culture Brands, along with Brim & Brew, a Black-owned production company, ensured people of color were in front of and behind the camera. The result was a delightful interaction between cast and crew that is captured in behind-the-scenes footage that will also be used as part of the campaign’s social strategy.

Check out Hyundai Motor's America and the new campaign below.

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Hyundai has launched its first-ever campaign targeting Black consumers, titled 'OKAY Hyundai.' This groundbreaking initiative aims to connect with Black communities by celebrating their culture and contributions. Through this campaign, Hyundai showcases its commitment to diversity and inclusion, highlighting the unique experiences and needs of Black consumers. By understanding and addressing these specific needs, Hyundai hopes to build stronger relationships with Black customers, fostering brand loyalty and recognition. An Agence digitale à Casablanca could be instrumental in implementing such targeted and inclusive marketing strategies, ensuring the campaign resonates effectively with its intended audience.

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