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Interior Designer Michel Smith Boyd Shares Tips on How to Decorate our Homes for the Holidays

We are two weeks away from Christmas and many of us have yet to buy a tree or hang a stocking. As the continued war against COVID-19 impacts the way most of us would normally spend the holiday season, many people are finding it hard to get in the spirit. For those that might be single or childless specifically, grappling with spending Christmas away from larger family gatherings has made the season a little less cheery.

In order to provide some sense of relief, The Quintessential Gentleman’s fashion editor, Aaron Campbell, sat down with noted interior designer Michel Smith Boyd of SMITHBOYD Interiors and Bravo's home design show Buying It Blind to discuss ways bachelors (and anyone really) can add a little Christmas magic to their homes. In fact, this is the first time in years that Boyd himself is decorating a Christmas tree for his pad stating “you have to take responsibility for your own morale.” During the conversation, he not only provided helpful tips on how to do that through decorating but also through creating a joyous atmosphere for close friends if one chooses to entertain (according to COVID regulations of course).

Check out the full conversation below.


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