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TheGrio's Managing Editor Shares His Thoughts on the Responsibility of Black Media

Black media has evolved from the days of The North Star but one thing that remains the same is its duty to tell the stories of its audience. Black media is here to inform, educate and depict Black culture. Black-owned media companies have a responsibility to their readers to be authentic in the stories that they share.

TheGrio is a leading news site that publishes opinions, entertainment and videos geared towards the Black community. We had the opportunity to speak with their managing editor Gerren Keith Gaynor about the responsibility of Black media.

On the purpose of Black media.

Black media serves as different things. One is the reflection for Black people because there weren't images of us. Positive images. Black media put us in a good light. It showed the truth of who we were and not what white America wanted us to be.

Gerren also shares his thoughts on "Cancel Culture". 29:22

We all make mistakes. You learn from your mistakes. And sometimes, especially if you are a public figure, you're making mistakes in front of millions of people. And that's a very difficult thing to do and I think that's important to think about that and really put yourself in someone's shoes. I think it's important to hold people accountable.

On how media companies can be more forward-thinking, Gerren shares his thoughts on Afrofuturism.

A world in which Blackness is at the center. Imagine if white supremacy never existed and Blackness was centered. Imagine the things we would have been able to do if we weren't always held back so much. I think about Black Panther and the Wakanda world. That was an example of Black Futurism.

Check out the full interview below.

Check out his article in our Culture Issue.


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