16-Year-Old Tech Activist Inspired the Youth to Learn Computer Programming With Virtual Camp

During the global pandemic, The New Nerd CS+ Personal Development Virtual Summer Camp has created a fun outlet for youth as an alternative for traditional seasonal activities. Participating in the virtual camp allows students to connect with their peers and learn about computer programming as well as be mentored by other youth.

Sixteen-year-old “tech activist” Ian Michael Brock oversaw the daily lessons of his virtual computer science summer camp, which was created for the enrichment of countless Black and brown youth. Many young people all over the country have benefitted from his sessions. Brock’s endeavors caught McDonald’s attention, and the restaurant franchise agreed to support his Dream Hustle Code non-profit as the leading sponsor of the Virtual Summer Camp. He felt the timing of McDonald’s sponsorship perfectly coincided with the brand’s Black & Positively Golden movement.

Under the guidance of his parents Michael and Dulcevita Brock, he believes the massive support McDonald’s provides will lead to conversations about presenting minority youth with the realization that computer science could become a future career. McDonald’s is onboard with Brock’s inspirational vision.

With a focus on students from grades 5th through 9th, Brock’s camp offers informative sessions that combine computer programming and personal devel