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The ParentPreneur Foundation Pays For Therapy In The Black Community

In the wake of COVID 19 and the present onslaught of police brutality, it's more important than ever for Black people to have mental health services readily available. These circumstances, alongside the normal stress of daily life, can push many to the breaking point. The ParentPreneur Foundation is here to help and has generously offered to pay for four therapy sessions for ten members from their foundation community. The organization is continuing to raise funds to provide therapy for more families.

With this endeavor underway, the hope is to continue to raise money, which will allow for more resources and a greater impact on the community. The foundation hopes to dispel the stigma that mental health has in the African American communities.

Founder James Oliver Jr.'s vision is to empower other Black parents who are also entrepreneurs and uplift the community as a whole by providing grants as well as other resources.

For more information about The ParentPreneur Foundation, please visit the website.

Source: The ParentPreneur Foundation

Photo Credit: Faster Than Normal


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