This Father Invested $30,000 Into His Daughter's Dream of Starting a Business

National Daugther Day was originated from India and is a day to celebrate the joy a daughter brings to her parents' lives. In particular, the bond between a father and daughter as they experience life together. What better way to highlight the special nature of the day than by showing how a father helps his daughter achieve her goals.

Father-daughter team Karmen and Brandon Faulcon are looking to revolutionize your shopping experience with iKon Mall, a new app that is slated to launch in October. The free, interactive app provides a 3D mall excursion that offers customers a new way to enjoy online shopping. With 600 stores and a virtual layout that replicates the traditional brick-and-mortar environment, app users are sure to enjoy the new e-commerce platform. It is also user-friendly and cost-effective for small business owners. Brandon Faulcon took the plunge and invested $30,000 to help bring Karmen's dream to life. In honor of National Daughter Day, Brandon shares what it's like to be business partners with his daughter and how he encouraged Karmen to follow her dreams in a chat with The Quintessential Gentleman.

Can you share a bit about the creative journey of iKon Mall and how it went from being a concept to a realized brand?