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How to Mindfully Change these 3 Habits

Changing a habit is difficult. There is no doubt about it; to alter the way you have lived or acted for weeks, months, or years takes an incredible amount of time and effort. Everybody will have a different way of achieving their goals, of improving themselves or simply changing an aspect of their lives, and the three habits listed below are no different; there is no perfect answer.

However, it is a common belief that the first step is the most difficult, and here you will find out how to reach out and take that, perhaps tiny, first move towards a different way of life.


According to statistics, 70% of the 46 million Americans who smoke want to quit. It is also 60% of the 6.1 million in England. These numbers show the overwhelming desire to give in tobacco and move to a healthier lifestyle.

The mentality is a huge part of quitting smoking. Thinking positive, making yourself a plan, and doing it with a friend or a group are all fantastic ways to push yourself on to your goal. Consider when it is that you crave a cigarette, start exercising and think about taking up vaping. Getting the best vape juice available will give you the nicotine hit you need while tasting great.

It can also be sufficient to find more non-smoking friends, as your environment affects your behaviors significantly. Changing your diet can also be beneficial.


Many people wish to become more organized. To do this, try writing appointments or to-do lists down, making schedules and deadlines to stick to. Using a diary is a fantastic way to remain organized, as is keeping a calendar somewhere prominent like the kitchen or above the table where you eat breakfast.

A tidy room helps create a tidy mind. Keeping your house clean and organized will allow your thoughts to remain transparent, helping you find objects and become more productive when working at home. All of your belongings should have somewhere to live, even if that is simply in a specific room or on a specific table. Compartmentalizing physical items should help you do the same with your thoughts and plans.

Mobile phone usage

In 2018, Czech mobile phone services were ranked among the EU’s most expensive. This makes being glued to your phone screen, if you live here, a pricy habit that you might want to get away from. Many mobile phones come with screen limits or app limits that you can implement to try and tear you away from social media. Again, the mentality is critical with this habit.

Try and mindfully notice when you are going on your phone and think, if you can, to look at or reach for something else instead. Making it a natural reaction when going to aimlessly check your phone to do something else instead should trigger a reduction in screen time.

When at social events, keep your phone in your pocket or, if you must have it on a table, face down so that your eyes are not drawn continuously to notifications. Turn it off while watching films and alert friends that you will be unavailable to speak to for a little while. Ironically, communication is key to mindfully reducing the time you look at your communication device.


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