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4 Tips to Help Your Business Stay Debt-Free

You want your business to stay debt-free? Start here first.

In the United States, there's more than $13.86 trillion in personal debt. With so many businesses struggling from debt, is more important now than ever to know how to manage money. 

For business owners looking for the best, here are four tips to help your business stay debt-free.

Read on to learn more. 

1. Work on Boosting Sales

One of the best sources of revenue is to boost your sales. Consider setting up a reward program for your loyal customers. Not only will you increase the retention and satisfaction fo your customers, but you'll also see more customers.

Think about the seasonal or sudden demands of your business and provide a product or service to increase cash flow. 

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2. Cut Back on Costs Where You Can

Consider cutting back on costs and expenses that are too high to manage your debt. Try to sell or rent standard business costs such as office supplies and infrequently used equipment. If possible, downsize to a smaller office with a more manageable renting price.

Think about a co-working office where you don't need a long-term lease. Try to split costs with other companies you work with. As an incentive, share resources such as internet and employee services. 

Be sure to track business spending!

3. Refinance the Hight-Cost Debt

In 2017, the United States Federal Reserve increased interest rates. This raises both the lines of credit and the credit card balances of variable-rate debt.

Should you not be able to repay your debts in full in the foreseeable future, consider refinancing or consolidation of your debt. This is a great option for businesses with a great credit score.

Remember to take out a lower-interest loan to repay your first loan. if you have multiple loans, don't forget to combine them all into a single new loan.  If possible, go for a fixed loan, not variable.

Remember to think about all sources of debt. 

4. Consider an Inventory of Your Debt

To best help your business stay debt-free, you need to take an inventory of your debt to understand the total amount you're looking at. Look for items such as:

  • Outstanding payments

  • Contract employees

  • Credit cards open

Take a look at everything on a monthly payment level. This is the time to prioritize debts. Consider prioritizing the highest interest debt. When paying off loans, you should have all debts paid within twelve months to combat the risk of bankruptcy. 

Stay Debt-Free

Part of successfully starting a business involves overcoming different financial obstacles. Know the tips to help your business stay debt-free for the best success possible.

Remember to stay positive and communicate with those around you. You can do this!

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