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  • Career Day at Dekalb Predatory Academy

    Last week, The Quintessential Gentleman got the opportunity to be apart of Career day at Dekalb Predatory Academy in Decatur, Ga. We got the opportunity to not only converse with the kids but shadow Jacquie Green (Gospel Singer/Songwriter), LaTonya Askew (Father’s Rights Attorney) and Jeremiah Woods (Brothers Tied for Life/Stylist). They shared their journey with the kids while inspiring them to always strive for better. Jacquie sang and the kids sang to her new hit single “Superwoman” while also learning the dances of today. LaTonya shared with kids the importance of following the law, and shared more about her exciting role as a civil rights attorney. As the kids asked questions, she also provided them with the correct answers according to the law. Jeremiah taught young men and women how to properly tie a bow-tie while teaching them the importance of always having a respectable appearance. Overall, it was a very interactive day enjoyed by the kids while gaining knowledge in many different career fields. Special Thanks to Ms Sade Wise for making this possible. Check out more pictures below. Jacquie Green @IamJacquieGreen Latonya Askew @AskewLaw Jeremiah Woods @BrothersTiedforLife #AskewLaw #JacquieGreen #CommunityService #LaTonyaAskew #JeremiahWoods #BowTieForLife

  • Rickey Smiley Bowling

    Tuesday night, Rickey Smiley’s, “Rickey Smiley Foundation,” hosted a celebrity bowling tournament at Slingshot Entertainment in Atlanta, GA. Atlanta’s top VIP’s battled each other in a fun game of bowling led by Rickey Smiley and ED Lover. Special guests in attendance included: Karlie Redd (VH1 “Love & Hip Hop), Porsha Williams (“DISH NATION”), Da Brat (“DISH NATION”), Gary With the T (“DISH NATION”), Meelah Williams (“702”), Bonecrusher (rapper), Demetria McKinney (“Tyler Perry’s House of Payne”), Cocoa Brown (OWN “For Better or Worse”), Diallo Thompson (“Barbershop 3”), Brandi Williams (“Blaque”), Bobby V (singer), Tameka Foster (VH1 “Atlanta Exes”), Mishon (singer/ABC “Lincoln Heights”), Sammie Bush (singer), Melissa Knowles (“HLN”), Lisa Wu (TV One “Hollywood DIVAS”), Monie Love (Reach Media “ED Lover Show”), Micah Stampley (singer), Y’Aanna Crawley (BET “Sunday Best”), Gwen Boyd Moss (WE tv “Selling It: in the ATL”), Gary Lavard (Youtube “About Him”) and more! Guests enjoyed complimentary food and drinks; and were encouraged to donate to the foundation while in attendance. The bowling tournament was taped for TV One’s hit doc-series “Rickey Smiley For Real.” Rickey Smiley’s docu-series “Rickey Smiley For Real,” airs Tuesday nights at 8pm ET on TV One. Watch the season two sizzle reel here: For more information on the “Rickey Smiley Foundation” visit: #RickeySmileyForReal Photo Credit: Marcus Ingram #Bowling #KarlieRedd #RickeySmiley #TVone

  • Chef Tiara Owens celebrates Imperial Kitchen Launch

    This past week Chef Tiara Owens brought her dream to reality as she launched The Imperial Kitchen Catering Company {Superior Catering with the Royal Touch} during a Private VIP/Media Tasting. I.K. is Nestled under “The Imperial” which promotes living well and eating well. Chef Tiara had the opportunity to share this moment with a special group of people at Atlanta’s Savor Wine Boutique. Each dish was carefully selected to show the diversity of Imperial Kitchen while Being paired with wine’s from across the world. The Menu Included : Appetizers: Lemon Pepper Wings, Tuna and Smoked Salmon Pate, Caesar Salad Won-ton Bowls, Steak and Cheese Egg rolls, Spinach Dip, Buffalo Chicken Dip, Spicy Sausage Rotel Dip. Entrees: Mini Beef Wellington, Beef /Turkey Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Shrimp Scampi Alfredo Pasta with French Garlic Bread, Cajun Chicken Breast and Spinach Roll, Tomato with Orzo and Spinach, Macaroni and Cheese. Desserts: Banana Pudding cups and Red Velvet cake . This was truly a mouthful, but guests enjoyed every bit of what was prepared and Chef Owens enjoyed people enjoying the food. Guest included Erica Dixon (LHHATL) , Robin Dyke ( Mother Funders), T’Marie ( It’s T’Marie Radio Show) , Vince Ashton ( Singer/Songwriter) , Jacquie Green ( Singer/ Songwriter), J.Write ( BE Magazine) and many more. This event was powered by Quente’Sential Branding, BE Magazine, The Quintessential Gentleman, It’s T’Marie Radio Show and Voncel’s Reflection To Learn More visit Photo Credit: Voncel’s Reflection #JacquieGreen #VoncelsReflection #QuenteSentialBranding #RobinDyke #Chef #JWrite #ImperialKitchen #TiaraOwens #Food #EricaDixon #VinceAshton #TMarie #ItsTMarieRadioShow #Foodie #LHHATL #Catering #BEMagazine

  • [New Music Alert] King Cavalli Releases “Shake It”

    Leonardo”King” Cavalli’s  unique style and sound is growing popular around the country, gearing up to make an impact in the music industry. Blending the musical styles of Hip Hop, R&B and Pop, and Reggae Dancehall Music,  King  Cavalli  is raising the bar in music and is ready to take the industry by storm. The Author and Musician has been working hard on his upcoming album entitled “Wounded’ which stems from his previously released book “24 and Divorced”.   The song is  sure to captivate listeners around the world. Here’s what Leonardo Cavalli had to say about Shake It; “After my divorce I needed an escape from the pain and depression I was going through, so I turned to dancing rather than drugs. I made this song in honor of that time of my life.”. To learn more about Leonardo Cavalli , can visit his Website Instagram/Twitter; IG: King_Cavalli

  • Great Fire of London

    Designer Todd Lynn is on fire! Lynn is at the forefront of London’s ever evolving fashion scene-and for all the right reasons. Amongst the vibrant color stories and ornate prints seen in many collections at London Fashion Week, Lynn assiduously creates elegant, yet slightly moody collections. Lynn has been known to use female models for his menswear collections which showcases that his brand of androgyny never leans too far to either end of the spectrum. Lynn seems to understand the concept of masculine elegance, which is evident through the strong-shouldered jackets complete with draping sleeves seen coming down the runway of his spring 2016 collection. The garments somehow retain an elegance while completely exuding rock and roll. Lynn, a Central Saint Martin’s alum, actually got his start designing stage wardrobe for rock stars such as Bono, Marilyn Manson, and Mick Jagger. Since his first eponymous collection in 2006, Lynn has cemented his aesthetic in the world of entertainment. Lynn’s creations falls in sweet spot between masculine and feminine, macabre and optimistic. Lynn’s futurist point of view is the benchmark of his brilliance. Todd Lynn is ahead of his time and on everybody’s must have list. Be on the look out for his spring 2017 menswear collection at London Fashion Week this Fall! #ToddLynn #London #Fashion #StyledByMickey #Style

  • Ardre Orie Presents, “The Heart Of A Man” in Midtown Atlanta

    On Saturday, May 14th, at the Landmark Midtown Art Cinema, Atlanta dressed to impress at the premiere of Ardre Orie’s stage play, “The Heart Of A Man”. A sold out audience watched the first ever all-male cast perform monologues and soliloquies reflecting the thoughts, desires, and frustrations of men. The Heart Of A Man, was a unique live stage production that revealed the eye-opening and sometimes harsh truths on dating, marriage, sexuality, domestic violence and love, from the male’s perspective. The production lead attendees on a journey of self-discovery, triumph, inspiration, and  encouragement. Ardre Orie, writer and director, created “The Heart Of A Man” to  develop open conversations between men and women that would improve relationships.  “Women easily talk about their emotions and feelings however, men are not conditioned to easily share their feelings. This play allows women the opportunity to listen as men speak on a variety of issues such as cheating, healthy marriages, sexuality and religion.” Continue the conversation on social media with @_TheHeartofaMan_ @IamArdreOrie and #TheHeartOfAMan Photo Credit: Genae Banks Photography

  • QG Model of the Week: Marion Mouton

    This weeks QG Model is not just a man, he’s a Gentleman. Check out why he is our Quintessential Gentleman Model of the Week! Name: Marion Mouton Hometown: Bay Area, California Occupation: Fit Model & Lifestyle Influencer Career Goals: My Goal is to become a successful entrepreneur with various investments and businesses while making an impact as an influencer by using my platform to provide a framework of requirements that will promote accountability for men everywhere to treat women like the queens they are. Hobbies: I’m very athletic and into fitness so I like to do things that challenge me to push myself all while getting a good workout. Just about any sporting activity such as basketball, football, bowling etc.  I’m also big on having a good time and doing things that I thoroughly enjoy. So activities like racing, dancing and skating are things I find interesting. I believe that as a man, it is important to be well-rounded so that you find more balance in your life. Favorite Vacation Destination: California, because that is where I’m from; Brazil where the people are very friendly, so you’ll always have the chance to get to know someone. and Vegas because it’s Vegas!. Why I want to be the QG Model of the week: To raise awareness about my platform as The Perfect Gentleman and share my mission which is to ensure that women everywhere are aware of their right to not only be loved but also experience the highest standards of love, romance, and affection, no matter what their race, religion, size or status. Instagram: @MarionMouton_ Are you our next QG Model of the week? Click here #MarionMouton #Model #QGModeloftheWeek

  • FlyGuyDC: More Than Just A Host

    The Quintessential Gentleman always shines light on men who continue to grow and men who make the world a better place. QG spoke with FlyGuyDC to learn more about him as a brand and his future endeavors. How did you get the name (FlyGuyDC)? The name used to be SuchaFlyGuyDC but as I transitioned from the age of 18 to 21 and into radio, I felt it better to grow up and rebrand myself, by dropping the “Sucha” to just FlyGuyDC or as my social media serves as IAmFlyGuyDC. In all honesty, I’m just a Fly Guy which is where that part originated from and DC because I’m originally from the District of Columbia. Who is someone in the hosting industry you look up to and inspires you? In all honesty no one. That may seem cocky but seriously. Hosting fell in my lap. It was all an accident. I didn’t grow up wanting to hop in the entertainment industry I was, well, still am an athlete but planned to have a criminal justice career to fall back on. I didn’t study anyone or pay close attention. I picked up the mic and just started talking and the fact that people were paying attention and entertained was excitement in its self. I had the juice and didn’t even know it. At this point I look up to myself, to improve my skills, hone my craft like no other. I’ve evolved a lot since I started so I look up to myself to become a better me. Explain the inspiration behind hosting? The inspiration behind my hosting grind… Like I tell everyone it was an accident, I never thought in 2016 this is where I would be the youngest radio personality in the world on FM radio 5 days sometimes 6 a week, I never saw myself hosting in the hottest clubs not because I didn’t have the ability to do so, it just wasn’t part of the plan. It all Started at SCORES nightclub (which is now closed) a few promoter friends of mine encouraged me to pick up the mic and the rest is history. At at first it was a joke to me but the more I did it,I grew a passion for it. I honestly enjoy making people enjoy themselves. For someone who hasn’t been to an event that was hosted by you, what would someone expect from you parties or event? Paint that picture for us. Paint the picture mmmmmmmm…..2 or 2,000 no matter how many people you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself. You can expect the unexpected, the event will be an ever lasting memory. The event will be full of energy, fun, joyful interaction and I promise once you experience an event for yourself you’ll always respect Me…”The Youngest In Charge”. Why is it important to you to reach back to young people in the community and be a mentor? Mentorship is important, the youth are our future. I feel it’s important for me to give back because teens can relate to me more so than any other personality in my lane because they are much younger, but I’m not far off from their age 2,3,4, maybe 5 years older tops. With my success level and my age I feel I am relatable to the youth. How do you balance your job, lifestyle and maintaining being an excelling student? Balance…man that’s a tough one keeping it 100 I’m busy but I believe that people make time for what we want. It’s all about prioritizing. I’m a firm believer that excuses are tools for the incompetent. Period. Being that your career is at its peak, why is finishing college so important to you? School is VERY IMPORTANT I just finished like fresh out a final. For me the entertainment industry is never guaranteed. I graduate Monday, May 16th, 2016 at 8 o’clock AM (yeah that’s an invite y’all feel free to come through, Fly Guy DC chuckled) but I am graduating and graduating with a 3.5 GPA as a Criminal Justice major with a concentration in Forensics. I’m glad it’s over and done but one word of advice, finish school. Always have a backup plan. It was important to me to finish because anything I put my mind to, I plan to see it through. I’m not a 1/2 ass person. Is there a “FlyGirl” in the picture? (FlyGuyDC Smirked) No there isn’t a FlyGirl. I’m Single I’m too focused right now on my career. For the single ladies out there, what qualities do you look for in a woman? I’m picky everyone knows that! I have a check list but I’ll give an insider on 6 things involved in my checklist: 1. Natural beauty: I hate the fake stuff, I’m not a fan of weave, fake lashes, drawn on eyebrows everything ATL is brain washing females into. LOL. 2. I don’t deal with smokers. I don’t smoke or drink so it’s a turn off. 3. NO party girls, I live this lifestyle, I’m not trying to bring it home too. My family knows off rip if I meet a girl in the club I DO NOT take her serious. 4. Ambition is a def turn on. You have to have something going for yourself. 5. A female my height or shorter is my type of lady. 6. I usually only deal with girls my complexion or lighter for the most part. That’s a sneak peek I might reveal some more details of the checklist  one day soon so ladies stay tuned What does being a gentleman means to you? Being a gentleman. It means knowing when to grow up and leave childish things behind. Being a gentleman means having a certain type of swagger. It’s an ensuring mixture of humility and cockiness. A sure confidence knowing when, where and how to assert it. In five years where do you see yourself and your brand? In five years…. I see myself as the biggest radio personality in the world. I can achieve anything I put my mind to and I know what I’m capable of. I just leave it at that. I also see myself as an entertainment mogul. I aspire to be established and on television. Within that time period my charity / youth foundation should be started. I’m all about the youth because they are our future. What can we expect in the near future from FlyGuyDC and your brand? I’m not one to speak on things before they happen but just know I’ll be grinding. You can expect more press placements, major Summer events for the upcoming year, a tour maybe two, preparation for my foundation, events will my Footaction family (since I am the newest member of the Footaction Family for the ATL circuit) and lastly you might catch me on a television screen near you this Fall. Make sure you follow FlyGuyDC on social media @IAmFlyGuyDC #Atlanta #Events #FlyGuyDC #Host

  • NBA Playoff Grades for the Last Three MVP Winners

    The 2016 playoffs have been action-packed at the poles, as the Warriors have made it all the way back to the Western Conference Finals without utilizing the 2016 MVP, Stephen Curry, for much of their run while the Cavaliers have swept their East competition, positioning both teams just four games away from the NBA Finals. Players like these are the reason as to why fans are excited about this year’s basketball season. If you haven’t printed out your NCAA tournament chart, ready to make predictions as to who you think will win certain matches, be sure to do this through sites like This way, you could be part of basketball history. Who knows, maybe your favourite team will win and maybe your favourite player could make that happen! With the Eastern Conference Semifinals ending this afternoon, let’s take a look at Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and LeBron James playoff performances. For the last three MVP award winners, grades are determined by performance relative to preseason expectation, while taking into account health-related issues since the playoffs have started. Stephen Curry: A By winning the 2016 MVP award, Curry has not swindled proponents of the game into thinking he has played just a one-year dalliance with excellence. After a Grade 1 MCL sprain of Curry’s right knee in Game 4 of the first-round series with the Rockets—only to return in a Game 4 of the Western Conference Semifinals amid the Blazers series—he returned like a man who still has something to prove. In a two-week absence comprising of treatment, Curry must have dug deep and did what any one of us would do during times of despair: introspection. The soul-searching worked as Curry’s encore did not disappoint, scoring 40 points off of 50 percent shooting, and contributing nine rebounds, eight assists and a +/- of +21. The amazing point guard is augmenting his stature every time he steps on the court. Honestly, because he’s missed so much time it’s best to postpone Curry’s true grade until the playoffs are over. However, Curry’s recent play further cements his two-year prestige, and his handle and three-point display make him a critical piece for the offensive mystique the Warriors have built over the last two years. Still, the Warriors as a whole look awfully good even without Curry, bringing into question “most valuable player” in its literal sense. But this doesn’t take away the manner in which Curry has been able to dominate his competition on the offensive end. Kevin Durant: A Better late than never is the theme for the Oklahoma City Thunder cult. While the Thunder’s well-documented regular season fourth quarter debacles have been heartwrenching for OKC faithful, Kevin Durant looks like a guy who doesn’t want people to forget he earned the MVP award in 2014, and this has led the Thunder into a masterful run, eliminating the always relevant San Antonio Spurs. Kevin Durant—a guy with as much offensive talent as anyone—has taken his frustration out on the state of Texas, averaging 27.4 points, 6.5 rebounds while shooting 43.5 percent through 11 playoff games against the Dallas Mavericks and the San Antonio Spurs. The biggest difference: Durant is trusting in “the others” within the flow of the game. Those players, including Dion Waiters, Andre Roberson and Enes Kanter, are valuables the Thunder will need if they want to hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy. Now, Durant is playing in a way that’s causing lamentable defensive woes because it looks as if he’s finally learned how to harness his unstoppable offensive power: he’s learned how to play more inside and out, even adding a respectable post-up game. Yes, he can pull up from 30 at any time, but seemingly Durant finally realizes how big he is, using his post-up ability, and exploiting his assortment of head-and-shoulder fakes on a mission to get to the hole. The Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook show will make its way to Oracle Arena on Monday night. LeBron James: A The Cleveland Cavaliers are the only team in the NBA to enjoy perfection in the playoffs thus far, but the way the team has won may be of a riveting surprise thanks to the floor game of one LeBron James. The ball doesn’t stick because LeBron’s basketball IQ is off the charts, and this has led to the team moving the ball on a consistent basis. The unselfishness of LeBron has rubbed off so much that the team ousted the all-time three-point record with 25 three-pointers of their own in the Atlanta Hawks semifinal series. Although everybody is getting in on the act, James is making the right basketball plays down the stretch, whether it’s hitting clutch shots or forcing jump balls to end the game. Simply put, LeBron James is the complete player. The Cavs have been perfect in this year’s playoffs, largely due to the depth and the health of the team, but LeBron’s all-around dominance has engineered a precarious force that no team has been able to reckon with to date. #clutch #TheQuintessentialGentleman #Sports #EasternConferenceSemifinals #theslimreaper #MVP #LebronJames #NBAThreePointrecord #WesternConferenceSemifinals #TheQuintessentialGentlemen #NBAPlayoffGradesForTheLastThreeMVPs #Crossover #LeBron #QuintessentialGentleman #2015MVP #NBAPlayoffs #2014MVP #StephenCurry #KevinDurant #splashbros #2016MVP #Steph #dunk #ATrain #Durant #NBA

  • Fashion Friday Features Octavius & Jamal Terry-Sims

    Here at QG, we take pride in highlighting designers that embody our credo, our belief that one can channel their exceptional talents to succeed in anything, with a bit of tenacity. There are few artists that fit this mould quite like Fashion Designer, Octavius Marsion and Celebrity Choreographer, Director and Brand Designer, Jamal Sims. They joined forces in 2014 to create GROOM, a full-service tuxedo lounge for grooms and groomsmen that is the exact equivalent to the best bridal shops. Their beginnings as a brand was marked by a historical moment at the 2014 Grammy Awards in which the two designers married during a performance of “Same Love”, by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis featuring Madonna. With their razor-sharp tailoring and business acumen, GROOM is bound for a meteoric ascent in the world of men’s fashion. Learn more in our exclusive interview below! QG: What inspired both of you to start GROOM? Well it was definitely our Grammy 2014 marriage and how we had to do everything for ourselves because it wasn’t a lot of things out there for not only 2 men getting married, but 2 men of color. It made it that much harder to find things like cake toppers etc.  Me, being a designer, I sprung into action to make our tuxedos, and that was the Oprah Winfrey “Aha” moment that made us think that we could be the pioneers to cater to the men’s side of weddings, red carpets, and special occasions.  We quickly realized there was a void in the market, and that void was to help men jump up to speed as far as fashion and grooming was concerned, and we could possibly be the leading experts for them. QG: What keeps you two motivated? We are not only husbands, but the best of friends.  We wake up every morning motivating each other, because not only is starting your own business tough, relationships themselves are tough.  So, you have to make a conscious effort to live each day the best you know how. QG: What does your brand represent? Our brand represents being bold, being authentic, and being inspiring. QG: Whom are some your style inspirations? Vivienne  Westwood, Rick Owens, Marc Jacobs, and Tom Ford to name a few. QG: Octavius, where do you feel most creative? I’m a night owl with a photographic memory.  I may sound weird, but I remember details about peoples faces and inspirational places I’ve visited and they come back vividly to me at 2 or 3 AM in the morning, so I always keep a sketch pad beside me. QG: Jamal, if we were to look in your closet at home, what would we see? I love sneakers and shoes! My guilty pleasure is buying shoes and if I love them, it doesn’t matter how much they cost. So in my closest you will see many shoe racks. QG: When did you guys realize that you wanted to join forces to start GROOM? Well we have always wanted to finally work together in some capacity because we are ready to start a family of our own.  With our own business, we can hand it down to our children, and spend even more quality time together as a family once we start. QG: How would you each define your personal style? With both of us, we consider it to be modern and classic, with a touch of street style at all times.  We believe in mantra of staying bold, and that always means in our style as well.  If we feel good about it, its always the right thing. QG: What did you draw inspiration from for your current line? Our first tuxedo collection was inspired by the men of color during the Harlem Renaissance era.  We actually even affectionally named most of our tuxedos after men like Cab Calloway and others. QG: What advice would you give to someone who would like to start a fashion business? Start small, and stay tough.  It sometimes take a lot of patience, and a lot of mistakes before you start to feel successful. QG: When you guys are not working and are at home, what are some of your guilty pleasures? Contrary to our social media pictures, we love being home on our couch watching foreign films, and spending time with our close friends for dinners etc. QG: With much success with your brand, what’s next for you guys? Jamal: Well I am moving into directing films after spending 25 years in the entertainment business as a choreographer, as well as using all of my creative skills to help take our company GROOM to the next level, which our dream is to some day have a full brick and mortar store not only in LA, but all the major cities. Octavius: I will continue to push the limits of menswear and fashion to make our brand, even though made in the US and as an African American designer, a brand that can compete with other brands including international that have been around for ages.  We are the new kids on the block, but the big kids on the block. Checkout GROOM online and Follow on social media @GroomOfficial #GroomOfficial #Grooms #StyledByMickey #Wedding

  • [Video] Drake is the Musical Act for this Weeks SNL!

    Drake is the Musical Act for this weeks SNL show! Drake album Views sold over 1 million copies its first week ! He is still on the promo trail and his next stop is SNL. He also just hit the top ranks for Forbes richest rappers! Drake is continuing to take the rap game by storm and Check out him along side hilarious comedian Leslie Jones in the teaser! #Views #Comedy #SNL #Drake #LeslieJones

  • “Suit Yourself”: The Evolution of the Men’s Suit

    For the last four hundred years, suits have been in and out of fashion. Since the stark formality of the Victorian era, in which breeches essentially disappeared, men’s suits have evolved, without really evolving at all. The suit that we wear was in essence invented by Beau Brummell whose main objective then was to simplify the extraordinarily otiose, decorative court dress. During the 1930’s, the suits were more “exaggerated”. Men like Clark Gable who was a leading actor during this time influenced this look. Loose-fitting coats were introduced with the trousers tapered toward the ankle. Immediately, after the World War II, men’s suits were broad-shouldered and often double-breasted. As wartime restrictions on fabric eased, trousers became fuller, and were usually styled with cuffs (turn-ups). During the 1960’s, society started to adopt the skinny fit suits with the drainpipe trouser cut short at the ankles. As the disco era we call “the 70s” rolled, the suit was a man’s weapon for seduction. Suits were a blend of professional with a flamboyant twist to it. From the 1980s to the 2000’s, suits were taken bit more seriously. Adding broad shoulders, power of a tie, and suspenders. During this time, there was a confidence men had while wearing these bold suits and being a businessman. Modern suits are generally cut in a body conscious manner, cinched at the waist with padded shoulders that further compliments the masculine physique. The woolen cloth that was used throughout history have become obsolete, giving way to synthetic blends and tightly woven garbardine. Suits have a history tied to formality, but can now be an option in more casual settings. What makes these variations possible is the fabric. For example, a light cotton suit creates comfort, making it an ideal option for a dinner party or date. Men are taking suits a step further with daring and extravagant prints, even wearing them with tee shirts. The 2010’s have brought us the evolution of the “fashion star”. Today, the suit can be whatever you want it to be. Throw on all of you accessories, even a grill, or not. The classical way of wearing a suit is still the foundation, which exudes gentlemen! #Fashion #MensSuits #Style #StyledByMickey

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