America as an Enduring Brand

In what has arguably been the most divisive, unpleasant, polarized and extraordinary presidential contest in a century many Americans wonder if and where common ground exists in a spectacularly divided country.

At a recent workshop held at Carbone Smolan Agency (CSA), a design led branding firm in New York City, the search for consensus was the goal. CSA, for over forty years has been designing enduring brands for world-renowned organizations from around the globe. The agency ran a proprietary workshop with a political twist: six Clinton supporters and six Trump supporters to test the idea that even the most polarized groups can come together.

Bigger Twist: No one in the room knew who was who.

Led by CSA’s Managing Partner, Paul Pierson, and Executive Director of Strategy David Mowers, the four-hour workshop examined America as an Enduring Brand. CSA’s proprietary workshop usually defines an enduring corporate brand through five key attributes: Adaptive, Focused, Self-Aware, Distinctive and Principled. The workshop employs a series of discussions and exercises with the goal of creating three statements that an entire group could endorse. The antagonistic groups were invited to create one set of ideas that are fundamental to making America an Enduring Brand.