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Where to Visit in Europe: Choose Your Destinations and Plan Your Trip

So, you have decided to spend your vacation in Europe? But do not know exactly where to go? This choice is not so easy. In this article, you will find a suggestion for how to choose your destination and plan your trip.

People plan their vacations in different ways. Unfortunately, there is no ideal destination and no way to plan ideal travels. It all depends on your budget and desire.

How much time do I need?

Perhaps this is the first question you should ask yourself. The answer to this question can dictate the destination. Even if you want to spend two weeks traveling by Europe, don’t try to see everything. It will be better if you don’t try to get to a new destination every day. The longer you spend in each city, the more you get to know it.

What destination should I choose?

If you have chosen Europe as a country for your vacation, there must be a reason. Do you want to

see the Colosseum? Do you have French ancestry? Or do you dream of seeing the palace where Queen Elizabeth II lives?

Many travelers choose their destination simply by finding a suitable flight. Why don’t you go to Portugal if it’s not expensive? Even if you have chosen a country and found that this transatlantic flight is not so cheap as you expected, don’t worry. Budget European airlines will help you get your destination at the lowest cost. Compare the prices of flights in Europe and you will see how cheap it can be.

London is the cheapest place to fly from the USA. You can get mainland Europe on the Eurostar train. This is a great opportunity to get to Brussels, Amsterdam, and Paris.

What about the tour of Europe?

If you haven’t decided where you go, it might be better to try a tour of Europe. Some travelers choose cruises because this kind of vacation can help save money. You can visit several places at once and don’t think about housing and food. This type of travel allows you to book shore excursions that help you get to know the city even better. You needn’t rent a car and book tickets to museums. This is helpful in high season when cities become very crowdy, and waiting in line for visiting attractions can take several hours.

How much does it cost?

Your list of expenses must include at least tickets, accommodation, food, and entertainment. The more cities you want to visit in one trip, the higher will be the cost of your vacation. You can also travel around Europe by train. This type of transport is very convenient and often cheaper than airline tickets.

The cost of a trip to Europe depends on which country you want to visit. The most expensive destinations are the cities of Germany and Italy. You can plan a budget trip to Croatia and the Czech Republic.


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