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Usher Releases His New Single <i> No Limits </i>

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The last song Usher released was Chains featuring Nas, which was dedicated to injustices in the black community. And the last song that we heard from him that hit radio play was I Don’t Mind, which had huge radio success. I Don’t Mind was a tease and really kept Usher’s fans believing that he would be dropping an album soon and years later no album.

Well Usher is back with his new single No Limits featuring Young Thug. “When you roll with a ****** like me theres no limit” Usher sings. We are all hoping that this will be the single off of his new album! He has been doing a lot of traveling for his upcoming movie Hands of Stone which is set to be released in late August. If you Follow Usher on his Snapchat you will see that he has been spending a lot of time in NYC.

No Limits is only available on Tidal. Head over to check out Usher’s newest single!


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