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The BIG3 is coming to Brooklyn

Coming this June, Founder Ice Cube and President Roger Mason Jr. will be bringing the “BIG3” to a city near you. It will begin in Brooklyn and over ten weeks will travel to 10 different Cities. Some of those cities being Philadelphia, Seattle, Charlotte, and Los Angeles. The brand that trademarked “Where the Legends Play,” will be trotting out a list of former All-Stars and fan favorites.

Not only will former greats be on the court but there will be greats coaching from the sidelines. Coaches like Charles Oakley, Julius Erving, Clyde Drexler and Gary Payton all have assumed the title for the BIG3. Equally important to know is that none other than Allen Iverson will get both a jersey and a clipboard. The only player having both coaching and playing duties, Iverson will be the on-court face of the league.

For both entertainment and strategy reasons, the games will feature four-point spots. There will also be your standard two and three pointers but this time with the added advantage of four point option. Other than being a glorified YMCA pick up game, the BIG3 has gone the extra mile to give fans something to see.

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In a half-court 3-on-3 tournament, teams will begin each game with a “half-court do-or-die shootout.” Every Saturday will consist of 4 games, a half-time show and an after party for those in attendance. Not to mention half time doesn’t happen until the first team reaches 30 points. Similarly, the game cannot end until one team reaches 60 points and has a lead of at least four points.

Tickets are now available for the June 25th inaugural games at Barclays Center Brooklyn. Ranging from high 20’s to the mid 200’s and are available on their website. For the rest of the games, tickets will go on sale May 6th. For those interested in seeing more now, the BIG3 will have it’s Draft April 30th. With only 24 spots available and 70 players available to be drafted, so set your watch and stay tuned to see who gets picked.


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