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Take a Look at What Reebok Has Coming

Last month, Reebok held its Fall/Winter 2019 Press Preview in New York City. The athletic brand showcased its upcoming line, which looks to redefine fall and winter wear. The espresso bar, Reebok swag station, and live DJ created a cool vibe that allowed attendees to enjoy the new apparel, shoes, and accessories. Fall and winter fashion is typically characterized by dark color palettes and heavy fabrications. Instead, Reebok is introducing bright, refreshing colors in styles that will not only keep you warm but also make you stand out.

One of the cool things Reebok is revamping their Trail Collection. Created in the ’90s, this collection consists of retro colors incorporated into sneakers, coats, book bags and other merchandise. Reebok is also dropping a family collection that pays homage to the classic leather silhouettes that we know and love.

The Press Preview main display was a collection of cross-category clothing. Here, we saw a mixture of performance apparel mixed with classic lifestyle clothing. Imagine your favorite casual sneakers with the perfect pair of sweats. You have the power to get creative and show your group of friends what you got!

Reebok also displayed its Spring 2019 collection called Meet You There. They look to add fresh colors this winter and new sportswear line for women. Reebok also plans to revive their Vector apparel collection that provides unisex options gathering its inspiration from motocross sports. With all these new additions and styles from Reebok, it is going to be hard to not stand out. Best of all, most styles are affordable, so none of us will have to break the bank trying to flex this winter.


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