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PEL’s Bink! Mixtape Hits New York!

PEL’s BINK! Mixtape” is a fresh perspective on the visualization of music while presenting select songs from BINK!’s legendary discography as fine art. Monday night marked the opening of an experimental art exhibition in Lower Manhattan.

BINK!(left) and PEL (Right) chat before heading inside. {Jae Gongora|QG}

The creation of Visual artist, PEL and Grammy-winning producer BINK!, bring you a week-long experience. Bringing music and visual expression together creates a must-see showcase that everyone will enjoy.

Like setting the scene of cinema, the mood is set from the moment entering the gallery. In addition to the art already on display, the food was great and the shrimp was even better.

PEL (center) takes in the crowd outside the Exhibition (Jae Gongora|QG)

With an artist talk moderated by Dexter Wimberly, Executive Director of Aljira, a Center for Contemporary Art; a music inspired menu by Chef  DJ Dallas Greenand and sounds by D-Nice.

{Jae Gongora| QG}

Wednesday will feature a panel discussion on “Brand Building.” In addition to PEL and BINK!, Hatter and brand founder Marc Williamson, and music artist manager and brand founder, Jason Geter will be speaking.  The panel discussion about building a brand and navigating through the music, fashion and art world is moderated by LEOPOLD of Sound of ART. You can also stay for networking powered by Monster Headphones. You can catch the discussion from 6-8 tonight!

The exhibition is free and open to everyone today through Saturday. But you must get your ticket before!


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