Passport Stamps…The New Luxury Item

Christ Redeemer 

As much as people don’t want to admit it, we are a showboat society. We always want to show we have the nicest car, the biggest house, and the most money to post on Instagram! Well now there is a new “thing” we compete with…Passport Stamps.

Traveling is everyone’s dream. The idea that you could purchase a ticket and go across the world to escape from your day-to-day routine, forget about your worries and just enjoy what has been created. Normally this never happens and it’s put off year after year. Especially for people who live in the United States and take a quick trip to the Caribbean and think that counts! I’m talking about a real trip. To me this consists of a flight longer than 6-hours.

Back in the day flying across the world meant that you were either a business professional, rich, or worked your whole life and now don’t care anymore and want to see the world. It’s interesting that people envied travelers who were able to talk about their trip to Rome or Paris or Mykonos, Greece.