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New Memphis Grizzlies Coach David Fizdale, Heartfelt over Chris Bosh Situation

Some sad news erupted the Miami Heat Status quo when Pat Riley announced the Miami Heat will not prepare to bring back Chris Bosh on Friday.

Bosh has missed several games the last couple of seasons due to having blood clots in his chest. While Bosh has worked relentlessly for a possible comeback, his wish wasn’t granted as Heat doctors couldn’t clear him for basketball activities. The reason: blood clot complications.

At Memphis Grizzlies Media Day on Monday, new coach, David Fizdale, who coached Bosh when the Heat won championships in 2012 and 2013, touched on Bosh’s situation.

“Well Chris Bosh is a brother to me,” Fizdale said. “We have experienced some incredible times together and we have been there for each other when we were at our lowest moments. My heart goes out to him because all he wants to do is compete and play basketball. You are talking about the epitome of professionalism, a competitor, a teammate and a brother. Here is a guy who throws birthday parties for his teammates. It’s unbelievable how giving he is when it comes to those things. To see that he can’t get back on the court is devastating. My heart goes out to him. I just pray that he can get back at some point.”

It’s sad to see Bosh in the doldrums of his career, as he continues to beat the odds, even if the doctors tell him no, though.

The 11-time all-star averaged 19.2 points, 8.5 rebounds and 2 assists for his career.

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