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Men’s Fashion Round Up at New York Fashion Week

EFM Engineered for Motion – kicked off the show with a live jazz band performance and some unexpected show stopping dance moves by the models on the runway. Showing not only the modern style we all love and know of EFM, but also the functionality and sophistication of the brand as well. An occasional model joined the band with a musical instrument as they walked, only carrying them and not playing as I so hope they would do. The show stirred away from the typical standard execution of runway and added a little flare and excitement.

Honduran Designer Carlos Campos amazed fashion week goers once again this season with his contemporary looks mixed with Latin flare. Navy blue, cobalt blue, black and white color palettes seemed to be a stable this season and Carlos hit it right on the nail! Highlight of the collection included a flowy white trench with navy blue band that everyone couldn’t stop obsessing over.

Designer Raul Lopez left guest speechless before the show even began. Introducing his collection with music lyrics signifying the nonbinary and gender-neutral looks Raul is known for integrating into his collections. I think I can speak for majority of attendees and say we were not ready for the visual masterpieces that walked the runway. From enlarged flowy earring to oversized hats and strutting the runway on stilts and structural pieces Lopez communicated and expressed a vison of future cohesiveness as he tends to do every season for Luar.

There was a lot to highlight at Death to Tennis, from one front rower lighting up mid show and various smoke spouts appearing up throughout the rows shortly thereafter, filling the air with an indisputable smell which was quickly regulated by security helping goers come to conclusion this was not a part of an underline message presented by Vincent Oshin and William Watson through their collection. To the airy stare of the model wrapped in bandage followed by an injured “style warrior” aided by two medics in all white closing the show how could this show be anything but intriguing.

Written by Ty Gaskins


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