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Mehcad Brooks…Actor and Singer?

TV and Film actor Mehcad Brooks has added another title to his name. Yesterday, the Supergirl actor released his first single Tears Away. 

Mr. Brooks has entertained the world for over 10 years from starring in the hit TV Show True Blood to the Espy Award-winning film Glory Roads. But now he’s ready to entertain you with his music. After two near death experiences, Mehcad realized that “you regret in life the things you don’t do”. Singing has always been a passion of his and he finally built up enough courage to share it with the world. His first single is considered pop but has a unique sound that pulls you in with his soulful voice. Check out Tears Away below.

I’m eager to hear what we can look forward to the album as he considers his music to be a blend of southern hip-hop, adult urban contemporary and R&B. Don’t worry, Mehcad isn’t looking to leave his acting career but wants to do “the best we can with the gifts we recognize we have” he said on Instagram.

What do you think of his first single?

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