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Martell Holt Keeps the Passion For His City in New Season of ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’

It is not easy being married, but when you add cameras following your marriage and an audience infatuated with the demise of your marriage, it can be unbearable. For Love & Marriage: Huntsville star Martell Holt, learning to take the good with the bad has been a journey. Now, the reality TV star is thriving in spaces he dreamed of.

Super producer Carlos King sent the reality TV world into a tailspin when he announced Love & Marriage: Huntsville on the OWN channel. It was a different concept from what fans of reality TV were used to. Three Black couples and longtime friends work together through their real-estate venture, The Comeback Group, all to help their town grow. It was a concept that grew in ratings week after week. It wasn't long before the drama was turned up while the couples did their best to not only navigate their careers but also their marriages.

Holt's marriage to his ex-wife Melody Holt stood out. The couple faced obstacles in their marriage while raising their four kids. Unfortunately, their marriage did not work out, but with Love & Marriage: Huntsville approaching its sixth season, the two continue to work together as they learn how to co-parent and find love after marriage.

"Everything has always been organic," Holt says of the hit show in an exclusive interview with The Quintessential Gentleman. "Fans have always had a great show... a real, genuine show with cast members coming together to put on a good show and let people into our lives."

That realness is often raw and emotional as fans have watched the struggle Holt has gone through as he continues to put the pieces of his life back together. The entrepreneur is able to feel good about emotional moments because he knows viewers are walking away learning something regardless if it is about "relationships, business, or raising children." With the show hitting 100 episodes, Holt also understands that he is there to entertain the audience even though he admits to giving a lot of himself at times. The Healthy Meals That Fill author's willingness to open up should not come as a surprise. The show's executive producer, King, is known for being able to produce some of the most authentic moments in reality TV history.

Holt, a former Sparkman Middle School teacher, is passionate, and it shows. From fitness to entrepreneurship to being a dedicated father, the dedication he has displayed on our screens is noticeable. Taking a chance, leaving his teaching position to pursue his passion of real estate, and taking a chance pitching Love & Marriage: Huntsville to King, shows that he is a man on a mission. Holt attributes his passion for his city of Huntsville as a driving factor for his relentless pursuit of the American dream.

"This is my city," Holt says with pride. "I am never leaving Huntsville. This city is innovative, diverse and it is very clean," Holt says. Love & Marriage has introduced a wide audience to a hidden gem in America. Companies such as Meta, Toyota, and Blue Origin all have established locations in Huntsville. The love Holt has for his city is perhaps why the show continues to work. Wanting to see where he was born and raised continue to thrive and grow means he, alongside his cast, has been able to always put Huntsville first. Through the drama and the low moments, the love for Huntsville is the great storyline on the hit show.

Learn more about Holt and how he is preparing for his next chapter below.

The new season of Love & Marriage: Huntsville premieres Saturday, April 8 at 8pm ET/PT on OWN.

Photo Credit: OWN


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