Learn More About What’s Cooking with Cam

As the world changes, so do the world of culinary arts. People from all over have created and infused who they are into the cuisines that we come to enjoy and even some we have loved for generations.  Chef Camerron Dangerfield is taking his flavors of home and making a major impact on the world with his unique style of cooking. You may have seen him on Fox’s Masterchef and he is a regular on TV one’s Sister Circle TV. 

Tell us something about your cooking and how would you describe it?

My foundation is in Southern cuisine but growing up I learned from my grandmother who was from an era where I felt everything was just made unhealthy. I knew there has to be another way to get this same exact taste without ending up with diabetes or high blood pressure which was so prevalent in my family. I just started watching her. If she used something then I knew I could still do that with something else, so I started watching the Food Network. I was watching to figure out what they were doing, so I watched a lot of chefs like Bobby Flay and Emerald Lagasse. I took what I learned and I fused it. So I call it a southern fusion and when people ask what is that? I say its southern inspired dishes that have fuses from all over the world, it fuses from all different techniques of cooking.

How do you remember some of these recipes?

I don’t write things down. I’m actually in the process now of learning how to do that because as I’m getting older, I’m starting to realize that it’s more important now to rely on my memory than to write things down. I’m new to cooking. I’m trying to create things as I go. I don’t think I’ve ever made anything the same because I try to reinvent it every time until I get to a perfect dish.