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21 Year Old Entrepreneur Kyle Maxwell Shares What Older Generations Can Learn From Gen Z's

In our society, when we reach a certain age in life, we tend to only connect with those who inspire us, match our age range and desires of heart but we often forget to listen to those who are coming up behind us. A beautiful voice once said, "Teach them well and let them lead the way." Kyle Maxwell a.k.a. Khendriix is 21 years old and is paving his own way despite adversity. This Generation Z mogul in the making is an Entrepreneur, Music Producer and CEO of indie Hip-Hop label Heart of Music Entertainment, and creative agency Vivo Media Group. Check out our interview with this future Icon.

Who is Kyle Maxwell and Who is Khendriix?

Funny you ask because I strictly separate the two. Kyle Jordan Maxwell, my full name, is a young & ambitious entrepreneur from Berlin, Maryland. Kyle Maxwell is strict, professional & gets things done. Khendriix, however, is a different breed. Khendriix is a relentless, motivated & driven CEO who is energetic, motivational, and focused on nothing but success. Khendriix comes to life in the studio with my artists, and closing business deals with clients. Khendriix is that one friend who will always push you, and support you 100% no matter what. Khendriix is a future icon.

How did you get into music and how did you get into entrepreneurship?

Music has always played a huge role in my life. In High School, as a freshman, I was 15 years old writing full drumline cadences & taught myself how to play the piano. I majored in Music Technology in college but shortly dropped out, I feel that college has and never will be for entrepreneurs, real ones at that. However, college did allow me to make some connections to produce for some pretty big names. I digressed from producing and mainly executive produce entire bodies of work. In 2017, I put my love for music, and entrepreneurship together & started a record label Heart of Music Entertainment. It wasn't easy, I had no connections, no relationships or no money. I built this from nothing. 3 years later, I manage two artists (King Collick & Moojack) and have A&R's in Baltimore & Norfolk, VA (William Bryant, Tanisha & Aisha Jackson YAG Elite) We're nothing big yet, but we will be, simply because this is a company built off integrity, leadership, and respect, not popularity and arbitrary stats. We're a family before a label. Our success will take significantly longer, but we will reap the benefits in the long term.

How do you get your inspiration?

I'm the manager behind the artist, the person who helps artists become better ones. I love taking nothing & turning it into something, that's what I do. I don't get inspiration when I see my artists complete their projects, I don't get inspired by all my social media attention, closing a deal or anything. I get inspired when I look in the mirror and see a young man that has gone through so much torture and hell, be a leader and stand on his own two feet while helping others. That's what does and will always inspire me. 

Being a young Black entrepreneur, do you feel pressure to prove yourself?

Being a black, white, purple or rainbow entrepreneur doesn't phase a true entrepreneur in my opinion. The minute an entrepreneur, or anyone, takes into consideration that the color of their skin or size of their facial features will determine the amount of success that an individual will have, is a losing player to me. The only pressure I feel is the overwhelming amount of opportunity there is in 2020 and the level of advantage we millennials have. If someone, even one person who looks like you, made it? You can too, Period. 

What would you say to people who feel older generations can't connect with the younger generation? How do we bridge the gap?

I'd say that any time when there's a disconnect between two different sides, groups or even just two people, that there's an equal perhaps greater lack of empathy and reasoning. I think the topic should be how can we as a society empathize and put ourselves in other people's shoes a little more. If we attack that issue first then all the minor issues sub-sequentially will be resolved. We bridge the gap by admitting that there is no bridge and that's only an imaginary gap we created to avoid dealing with the real problem.

Connect with Khendriix via Instagram and LinkedIn.


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