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King Agu Talks His Fitness Routine, Modeling and Bravo’s “Invite Only Cabo”

With his chiseled physique, compelling charm and magnetic personality, we introduce to you fashion model, entrepreneur and fitness expert, Agu Ukaogo (“King Agu”). He came to your screen as the smooth-talking heartthrob of Bravo’s newest reality docuseries “Invite Only Cabo,” which premiered this past Sunday on Bravo. We were able to speak with King Agu about modeling, staying fit and his newest show “Invite Only Cabo”.

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I actually started when my ex-girlfriend asked me to enter a couples contest for her agency and we won. Next thing I know they signed me and I was in NY working with Tyson Beckford’s mom Hillary at Mad model Management.

Who are some of your Fashion Designer inspirations?

NIKE! When I’m not training though, I love suits. Hugo Boss, Paul Smith, Tom Ford to name a few.

How do you define your personal style?

I like to play with different looks, but my go-to is upscale casual.

What does a gym session look like for you?

1hr to 1hr and 45 minutes. Start with Abs. Then, I do a lot of circuits, with a 30 seconds rest in between. Focusing on certain and different muscle groups daily. Slow and controlled Sets till Failure. Then the Steamer Sauna Room.

What is the best nutritional advice you can give to people who are trying to get in shape?

Nutrition and Meal prep is crucial. You have to set yourself up for success. When your food is prepared, it’s easier to stay on track, drink plenty of water and train 3-4 times a week.

We just saw you on Bravo’s “Invite only Cabo”. What is that docu-series about? Who is your character?

1 friend takes his 6 friends on a dream vacation. The catch is we have never met. I would say my character is the fit, outgoing guy who gets the party started. “Wink”

How has your Nigerian heritage helped your work ethic in this industry?

My father has always instilled in us to work hard for the things we want in life. No laziness allowed!

How important is it to give back to your community?

It’s very important to me. Helping others succeed or reach their goals is what truly makes me happy.

What can we look forward to from Agu Ukaogo?

Giving back MORE is definitely first on the list. Business wise, I have a lot in the works, stay tuned.

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