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Josey Wellz Releases “R&B Josey” Just in Time for Fall

Caribbean/Afro Pop and R&B artist Josey Wellz is preparing for fall with the release of his new album R&B Josey. The 5 track project will be lead by the single She Know That and lead video for the song Lemme Slide. Penned from personal experiences, Josey believes in always giving listeners the real him. Josey is a breath of fresh air in an evolving world of music and this project is proof of that.

Over the past few years, Josey has been making a name for himself at home in the United States as well as international destinations like London, Africa and many more to come. With his worldwide appeal, Josey is preparing to take over the world with his unique sound. R&B Josey gives listeners the chance to see his sensual side.

“R&B Josey is about the Moments. In these moments I’ve experienced Love, hurt, pain and good times. I take something from each moment, good or bad, and I apply it to my everyday living. Those moments made me stronger and more understanding of myself as well as others. My life is deeper than music but ironically music is my therapy. ” says Josey.

R&B Josey can be found on all major platforms. for more information click here.


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