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Jack Klauber is Gunning for Fashion with UN:DO

Founded in 2016 by fashion entrepreneur Jack Klauber, UN:DO can not lose. With a hardly contrived message, unabashed approach, and an eagle-like eye for design, Jack is seamlessly maneuvering through the rugged terrain we call the fashion industry.His inaugural campaign, UN:LOAD, launched on November 15th, 2016 in New York, N.Y.

Every line focuses on an individual cause to “UN:DO” and each collection’s creation and aesthetic is directly shaped by the fundamental principles of the cause. UN:DO’s debut collection UN:LOAD is a thoughtfully crafted, gender-neutral collection of sophisticated, ready-to-wear garments and jewelry. Each garment creates a tattered, spread look that makes each product completely unique. 

Always keen on highlighting the uniqueness of his products, the nuances that make every garment beautiful, and the subtle vulnerabilities of his artistic movement, learn more about UN:DO’s founder, Jack Klauber and his exceptional fashion line in our exclusive interview below. Enjoy! 


What inspired you to start a career in fashion?

After several years in the technology industry, I felt a greater need to express myself creatively. I wanted to make every day a day I could bring something new into the world.

What keeps you motivated?

Seeing the social injustices that occur every day in this country and around the world reminds me of how fortunate I have been to escape them. There is no reason why others should not have the same security I have been afforded, and I want to find a way to promote that while also allowing myself to feed my creative side.

What does your brand represent?

The goal of my brand UN:DO is to undo a different social injustice with every collection that is released. We will be carefully handpicking charities and organizations that inspire the design and construction of the garments to create a visible story with each collection.

What or where did you draw inspiration from for your current line?

My debut collection UN:LOAD is inspired by the pressing issue of gun violence in America. Coming from the south side of Chicago, an area ridden with crime, I am sad to find that many of my former classmates have joined gangs during and after high school. I watched the documentary “The Interrupters” by the nonprofit organization Cure Violence (I highly recommend watching) which documents firsthand how gun violence rips communities apart. This inspired me to partner with Cure Violence and tackle the issue of gun violence through the lens of fashion. 20% of every sale goes to the funding.

Fashion is a conversation starter and your topic is gun violence. Why was it so important for you keep this conversation alive?

In America, we will never entirely get rid of guns. But we can change the way we think about them and how we talk about them in music, movies and tv, and instead use guns for fashion, not for violence. I want to show people that hope is not lost, and that there are a million creative ways to get involved and make a difference.

Briefly walk us through your creative process.  How did you incorporate the theme of gun violence into your designs?

The most important to fashion is how you feel in it, which is why I care and spent so many months perfecting the fit of my shirts. I also believe in keeping manufacturing in New York City which is why I teamed up with a factory in Manhattan on 36th St. and 8th Ave. Once I produce the shirts, each garment is shot individually by a 12-gauge shotgun that creates a distressed, tattered look that makes each garment completely one-of-a-kind. By wearing these designs, we can bring the issue of gun violence into the forefront of our attention, evoking thought on how gun violence tears at the fabric of society. The collection also features industrial jewelry pieces emblazoned with the phrase “In Memory Of:” to commemorate all those lost to gun violence.

Whom are some your style inspirations?

I love designers that have minimalistic, genderless, oversized, futuristic aesthetics, like Rick Owens, Yeezus, and Hood by Air to name a few.

What is a random and/or interesting fact about you?

My mother is a florist and when I was growing up I would help her with floral arrangements.

With much success with your brand, what’s next for you?

Nov 15 was a soft launch for UN:DO. More pieces will be added to the collection. Fashion moves fast and we will continue to evolve as a brand.

For more information on UN:DO click here.

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