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How to Transform Your Body in 30 Days

“If only I were 40lbs lighter, I’d be happier” is a thought many people have, but transformation of any kind is not impalpable. The human body is like plastic, capable of change, and so it is feasible to transform as such, as long as we act meticulously upon our thoughts. 30 day challenges a great way to take on any transformation because they’re not too long requiring an inordinate amount commitment nor are they too short where appreciable changes won’t materialize.

300 days of commitment is daunting, moving across the country may sound intimidating, Investing thousands of dollars may all be deal-breakers, but when it comes to 30 days even the most cynical pessimist can make adjustments to their lives in order to muster out the requirements of a challenge.

Even with 30 days, a number that is more palatable to most challenge takers, I often tell people to break down the 30 day transformative process into weeks, days and then hours. Ask yourself: “What should I be doing this week to be on pace for my goals,this day, and this hour.” This way we are not putting off what could be done now. It puts time into perspective. We are all allotted 24 hours every day, but often times when we are not organized, goals are not written, and we are not personally held accountable. So my take away here is to write daily goals – a “TTD (things to do) list”. Goals immortalized on paper are visions that are materialized into existence.

We also need to do what is deemed the hardest first, so if walking 2 miles or 20 push-ups is part of the challenge do it first thing in the morning. You want to “eat the frog,” so to speak, so that anything thereafter appears to be less anxiety-provoking, and thus cancelling out procrastination. When writing down on your Things-to-do list, put the most challenging requirement early in the day before matters that are non-urgent and unimportant like emails, social media and TV watching.

A challenge does not have to be life-altering. Sometimes when we tweak our golf swing, which if you’re already great at you’d know that having high-quality Ace Golf Netting – Golf Course Netting on your preferred course makes your life so much easier. It could make a world of a difference in its trajectory and distance. In a likewise manner, when people I encounter ask me what to do to lose weight, I often tell them 2 simple things: eliminate all processed sugar and limit daily sitting time to under 2 hours. These changes are much like yearling one’s golf swing, leading to a significant change that inspire and challenge undertakers to take on more, new endeavors. I’ve helped tons of men and women transform in my 15 years of practice. Recently, I’ve assisted with my agent, Dr. Syleecia Thompson in losing 75 pounds. She started with a concentration on the first 30 days and ultimately that turned into 9 months. You can do it too!

To sum things up, get things done early in the day, write them down, make small changes, and visualize the requirements of 30 days over the course of days and hours. If you are in need of assistance, go to and set up a virtual or in-person consultation with me.


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