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  • Monique Howard

Just in Time for Valentine’s Day, Hip Hop Artist Mr. Jonez Gives Us Advice on Love

Hip Hop artist and relationship mentor Mr. Jonez (Nathan Jones) rose to fame with the hit singles Love Letta, Addicted, and the 2018 Grammy-nominated Stay With Me. He was named “Artist of the Week” on Cincinnati’s WIZF 101.1 and has performed locally as well as globally. Aside from being an influential force in the music world, Mr. Jonez encourages and advises other men on how to have healthy, strong relationships with their significant others. He provides insight into building meaningful relationships through mutual understanding and letting a partner know that he or she is loved. In a chat with QG, he shares how he got his start, tips for Valentine’s Day, and what’s next in his career.         

How did you get started in the music industry?

I got my start in the music industry when I was freestyling at a house party. Raphael Saadiq just happened to be there and heard me rap.

How does rap and hip hop connect with the art of storytelling?

It connects, in my opinion, because telling our own stories and our own life experiences are what we do as artists.

What led you down the path to becoming a relationship mentor? Also, how does being in this unique position allow you to help others with their love lives?

Outside of plenty of bad relationships, there is nothing particular that led me to this position. However, after writing my EP #Relationshipstatus, that’s when it hit me how far this thing could go and how serious this conversation is. Now we’re here. Being in this unique position as a relationship mentor will allow me to not only help others with their love lives but also show people how all relationships can affect anything and everything in our lives.

What advice do you have for sustaining a lasting relationship?

My advice to sustaining a lasting relationship is very simple, both parties need to just make the decision and decide that’s what they want. From there, agree with one another.

What signs will help someone know whether or not they’ve found “the one”?

A few signs are the energy, mannerisms, and respect that presents itself, but there are many. There isn’t just one particular thing, in my opinion.

Do you have any tips on how someone could make this Valentine’s Day special for their significant other?

Yes, and it doesn’t require money.  Show and prove to your significant other that you truly love them. It’s the reassurance of knowing you’re loved by him or her. You should do this every chance you get and not just on a holiday. I would advise gentlemen to get in touch with their emotions because women are emotional.

If you made a Valentine’s Day playlist, who would be on it?

All 90’s, 80’s,70’s R&B. Way too many to mention.

What is it about men that women don’t get right in terms of loving them?

From my experience, its the fact that men have feelings as well. No matter how big and strong we feel or look, we do care about how we are treated and respected. Also, if she loves him, then she should just do that- love him. Everything is not about her at all times. She needs to realize that her man needs to be nurtured by her.

What was being a Grammy nominee at the 61st Annual Awards show for Stay with Me like for you?

Being a Grammy contender for my song Stay with Me was one of my biggest goals that I had planned to set a few years back. It’s a blessing.

What inspired the creation of singles like Love Letta?

The inspiration of Love Letta came from me being original and unique. No one else was doing it. Besides, we talk about everything else, and I just felt that we needed to talk about love more as well.

What positive message do you hope to impart to fans through your music?

To be hopeful, be who God made you, be yourself, and think positive-these things have an effect on your body and relationships.

What upcoming projects can we expect from you?

We have several things up and coming. Stay tuned and follow my movement, you will see it for yourself.