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H&M 2016 Holiday Collection

H&M just released a video showing some fashions from their 2016 holiday collection. The fashion video entitled Come Together shows the clothes in a creative way thanks to Wes Anderson who directed the video. The clothes make their debut on a winter train ride as the conductor, played by Adrien Brody, drives the fictional H&M Lines Winter Express.

The cozy clothing is perfect for all guys traveling this winter. Relaxed, yet fashion forward is the look that the holiday collection seems to be aiming for. The collection is broken down into four categories including ladies, men, kids, and divided. Of course here at the Quintessential Gentleman we focused our attention on the men’s items.


The men’s collection offers 38 separate items ranging from turtleneck sweaters to Chelsea-style boots. Some stand out pieces from the collection are an oversized came colored coat, bomber jacket. and a cozy gray knitted sweater. Music fans might notice Blood Orange in one of the campaign photos  as he stands front and center while donning a black blazer and leather cap surrounded by 4 other male models.

This holiday collection is the perfect combination of style and comfort. Check out the looks and let us know what some of your favorite pieces are. Watch the trending holiday video below. 


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