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Gronk is back, but Texans better win this game

After a bit of rehabbing and rigorous training, the showstopper is back.

According to a league source as confirmed by the NFL information guru Adam Schefter, the pro bowl tight end Rob Gronkowski will make his return tonight as the New England Patriots face the Houston Texans.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft previously hinted Gronk would make his long awaited return, saying “you’d be wise” thinking that Gronkowski would play.

On Aug. 15,, Gronk injured his hamstring in a joint practice when playing the Bears, but he later came back on Aug. 24, however, on a limited basis.

Still, we all know what the headline is: Patriots backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo will not be playing, and, rather, it will be Jacoby Brissett who will, in fact, make the start.

But honestly, what else is new with the best team since 2001? Garoppolo filled in nicely for the suspended hall of fame quarterback Tom Brady, winning his first two games. While it’s not likely the Pats will win tonight, head coach Bill Belichick, the master game planner, has been preparing for a completely different kind of game plan ever since Garoppolo went down; this is absolutely his staple. Plus, the Pats are 2-0 without the future hall of fame quarterback; the Pats are playing with house money.

The addition of Gronk will help, especially when Belichick, and most with a half a brain, have the vision of using Gronk and tight end Martellus Bennett as a devastating combo.

However, to be real, the Texans better win this game tonight, because if the Texans let a third-string quarterback win, they should forfeit the league. To me the Texans have been a Disney team in a Disney division in their entire meager existence. The only player that has ever garnered my respect on that squad is one, J.J. Watt.

I almost feel like Watt has been so good for so long that he being on the Houston Texans has been a disservice to him, and the fans.

One day, I hope he realizes his playing days are numbered and he goes to a contender.


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