Get to Know Daily Blast Live’s Brandon London!

Brandon London is a TV Personality on Daily Blast Live, who has an amazing story. Growing up with a family of athletes, Brandon played football at the University of Massachusetts as a wide receiver. He entered the NFL in 2007 and won a Super Bowl with the New York Giants. He then went on to play in the CFL winning a Grey Cup Championship with the Montreal Alouettes. Through all of this, he managed to begin a modeling career and walked on BET’s Rip The Runway. Brandon is still tied into the Giants organization as the official on-camera correspondent for the NY Giants and still finds time to run his YouTube series Jersey Off, Suit On where he interviews athletes about their life off the field. He is heavily invested in helping the youth in America with his dedication to the Giants fans, NFL Play60, and other youth organizations.  Brandon brought his big personality to Daily Blast Live when he joined their team earlier this summer! Learn more about Brandon London.

You come from a family of athletes, your Dad played in the NFL and your uncle also played football, what were the expectations growing up when it came to sports?

Growing up, I had all types of expectations. For some people, traditional 1-on-1 basketball games out in front of the house against another sibling in front of your family would just be a regular 1-on-1 game. But that was, COMPETITION when it came to the London family. Especially, when you have an uncle who got drafted by the Mariners out of high school for baseball but decided to play college football, another uncle who went to ECU, and my father played at the University of Richmond. I was expected to carry the torch and make something out of myself and be great, athletically. But I always looked at is as a challenge. I looked at it as a privilege and that competition got me through the dog days of football but got me through life.

Your father is a championship coach and has been coaching football since you were a little boy, did he teach you and was it easy to comprehend the game?

Yeah, he taught me the game and just being around college football programs players who were going to the NFL. I like to tell the joke from time to time that I knew what Cover 2 was when I was 2. My dad used to have my brother and I draw up plays and work hand drill with players. I learned how to use my hands for the field at a young age.

What did you learn from your professional career in the NFL and CFL?

I learned the business.  I learned how to love something and know that it can be taken away from you. Playing in college, that was that high. You’re playing in college and doing well out of college. You get to the New York Giants your rookie year and you guys win a Super Bowl. Then you go to Miami and you go to the playoffs with the Dolphins and then all of a sudden, you just feel like the world just cuts off.  You get cut from the dolphins. No one’s calling you the way they used to call you anymore. I learned that even though you can put your heart into something, you always need to have a backup plan and a passion. But you can’t identify yourself with what your job is. So by the time I got to the CFL, I had to bring myself to be more than just an athlete. I had to learn how to be something else.

How does it feel to be on the short list of players who have won a Super Bowl and a Grey Cup?