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Game of Thrones Season 7 preview: You Know Nothing Jon Snow

We’re less than 36 hours till the premiere of season seven of the HBO series Game Of Thrones, and we must prepare ourselves. At long last six seasons of waiting have finally brought the battle promised in the shows very first scene. That being White Walkers V. the rest of the world, a war for the realm.

If you haven’t caught up on the show…what, the hell are you waiting for? Maybe if you start immediately and watch multiple episodes at once and pause time to get a few more in before Sunday.

However, when 9 pm rolls around, put everything you’re doing down and lock your eyes on a screen. If you’re attending the birth of your child, better make sure you have the HBO app.

Last season we saw some the series favorite characters made huge leaps forward.

Theon Greyjoy and Yara Grayjoy have staked their claim for the future with the Mother of DragonsCersei Lannister managed to become more of a psycho than ever before, and Jamie looks even more baffled by it. Could he have prevented it? Maybe. However, the show would have you believe that almost everything that is going to happen will happen. Regardless of what you do to stop it.

Bran Stark has realized his destiny as the Three Eyed Raven and also revealed he ruined Hodor’s life. Bran is one of the most powerful people in the show but he will need a lot of help. Does having the Night King’s mark mean that anywhere Bran goes so can he? Will Bran unintentionally shatter the Wall?

In other news, Jon Snow went from being dead to being King of the North which feels like a modest leap! Coming off a season of major character development season seven appears to be prepared to surpass the expectations set by last year.

Here are some significant events that may happen and shatter the structure of Game of Thrones:

Jamie and Cersei kill each other.

So yeah, Jamie loves Cersei and would do anything for her. With that and her steady spiral towards madness has left Jamie distraught from the family trauma she has directly caused and indirectly. Cersei could be held responsible at the very least one of her children and possibly all three.

The relationship between brother and sister no matter how cordial has come to a crossroads(As can be seen when he enters Cersei’s crowning ceremony).

Will Jon find out more about his family history?


At the end of last season, Jon Snow’s real heritage is revealed. However, the answer to this question only opens up more! Were Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark married? Is Jon really a bastard? Is Jon actually his name????

Jon Seems on a path with destiny. The “promised Prince,” according to his father, has seemingly been not allowed to die as time after time he was spared from every attack in ‘Battle of the Bastards.’ More is meant for silky haired King and he’ll need to watch his back if he is ever to achieve it.

But of Course, Jon is almost always oblivious to most things that are directly in front of him so cross your fingers.

Will Daenerys learn how to train her Dragons in time for her invasion? (Are they all really hers???)