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Game of Thrones Recap and Preview: “Stormborn”/”The Queens Justice”

Spoiler Alert (Don’t say I didn’t warn you)

If you’re reading this and you haven’t watched “Stormborn” it’s not too late to go back. Really, there’s still time stop sitting here and ruining it for yourself. I’m simply here to help.

Alright, let’s get into it.

Wow, what fun. What a lovely episode of Dragons, staring, and low talking. With all this all going so swimmingly for everyone and peace amongst friends, here are the highlights of last episode.

Theon Grayjoy is dead to me, dead to Oprah, he’s dead to Ted Danson, dead to Cuba Gooding Jr, and everyone else in his life. He gave himself one job, and in the moment of truth, he straight went over board. The show that has perfected the art of deadly foreshadowing did it again just moments earlier.

We need more Bran Stark, after only one scene in the premiere, the kid didn’t garner a single second of screen time.

Cersei Lannister isn’t waiting around for her enemies to strike and we should be concerned. She’s assembling armies to fight in her name and may or may not be taking some creative liberties with how she describes their enemy.

Jon Snow has a meeting with a Queen and possibly bend a knee. Meanwhile, Sansa has control of Winterfell, and we can all expect Little Finger to do/say something weird.

The Sand Snakes are gone, and the future of Dorn is in doubt.

Meanwhile, Daenerys has gone from somewhat brutal with her decree’s to full blown threatening to burn her staff alive.

Jorah needs a new dermatologist asap because Tarly may not have a license to practice.

Euron finally has his “present” for Cersei, in the shape of the Queen of Dorn.

Lastly, Arya appears to finally be heading home upon hearing that her brother is King of the North. Her cold and creepy demeanor towards Hotpie is somewhat concerning but maybe going home will help her out(if she makes it..).

Breaking down the future and the past:


For starters, it means don’t count out Cersei yet. After last week many pundits proclaimed she was not long for this world. Well if she isn’t, she’s making big plans for whats to happen in the meantime. Even though her greatest danger may be standing beside her, she will not be the next Queen to fall. Wheather or not the assembly of the Bannerman brings her anything of note, Cersei will have the upper hand.

Much like her father, in these last three episodes, Cersei has been playing her true feelings close to the vest.

Always scheming and finding new ways to horrify audiences, Cersei and her new Dragon-Bow will surely not disappoint.


With Sansa in charge, Jon Snow on his way to see a now much weaker Daenerys, and Arya and Bran hopefully making their way home the future of the Stark clan isn’t looking too bad. The Walkers are coming, and everyone except Arya is preparing for a war to end all wars. Considering Bran will likely be instrumental in the next two seasons in defeating the walkers, his absence in this duly noted. More time is spent on Little Finger gazing up at Sansa in his always sinister manner. Likely foreshadowing for next week where he tells her to seize control of the North from Jon.

However, does the return of Bran Stark damper any of these plans? If Bran returns during Jon’s absence, does his presence alter the allegiances of some houses? I am somewhat concerned Arya won’t make it back to Winterfell next week if at all.


The Mother of Dragons is living her best life and making sure everyone knows it. Threatening to burn alive one of your chief advisors as a public display of power is always messy. Back at her ancestral home and surrounded some of the greatest names of Westeros, Dany should be happier with her situation. However, this is not the case as she has never seemed more hostile, blood thirsty, and unhinged.

As we know from the trailer for next week, Jon Snow at least arrives at Dragonstone. Wheater anything happens between him and Dany remains to be seen. With the loss of Dorn and most of her fleet will she insist Snow kneel? Will it be revealed that he’s her nephew and may possess more of a claim to the throne than her? That’ll be awkward. Everything may go well and Snow can get his Dragon Glass and save the realm. Perhaps he has no issue with bending a knee as long as he can get the Dragon Glass. Either way, dealing with Daenerys will be no walk in the park for the bastard King of the North.

Game of Thrones only on HBO.


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