FlyGuyDC: More Than Just A Host


The Quintessential Gentleman always shines light on men who continue to grow and men who make the world a better place. QG spoke with FlyGuyDC to learn more about him as a brand and his future endeavors.

How did you get the name (FlyGuyDC)?

The name used to be SuchaFlyGuyDC but as I transitioned from the age of 18 to 21 and into radio, I felt it better to grow up and rebrand myself, by dropping the “Sucha” to just FlyGuyDC or as my social media serves as IAmFlyGuyDC. In all honesty, I’m just a Fly Guy which is where that part originated from and DC because I’m originally from the District of Columbia.

Who is someone in the hosting industry you look up to and inspires you?

In all honesty no one. That may seem cocky but seriously. Hosting fell in my lap. It was all an accident. I didn’t grow up wanting to hop in the entertainment industry I was, well, still am an athlete but planned to have a criminal justice career to fall back on. I didn’t study anyone or pay close attention. I picked up the mic and just started talking and the fact that people were paying attention and entertained was excitement in its self. I had the juice and didn’t even know it. At this point I look up to myself, to improve my skills, hone my craft like no other. I’ve evolved a lot since I started so I look up to myself to become a better me. 

Explain the inspiration behind hosting? 

The inspiration behind my hosting grind… Like I tell everyone it was an accident, I never thought in 2016 this is where I would be the youngest radio personality in the world on FM radio 5 days sometimes 6 a week, I never saw myself hosting in the hottest clubs not because I didn’t have the ability to do so, it just wasn’t part of the plan. 

It all Started at SCORES nightclub (which is now closed) a few promoter friends of mine encouraged me to pick up the mic and the rest is history. At at first it was a joke to me but the more I did it,I grew a passion for it. I honestly enjoy making people enjoy themselves.

For someone who hasn’t been to an event that was hosted by you, what would someone expect from you parties or event? Paint that picture for us.