Don’t Get Swagger Jacked, Get Your Swagger Back With Old Spice

Men, it’s time to get your swagger back! Enough’s enough, what’s happening to our brotherly love? Men nowadays are willingly choosing Netflix overhanging with the fellas. As men, we develop our swagger from being in the company of other men. Old Spice’s last ad campaign Never Let a Friend Lose His Swagger opens our eyes to the ways we have been killing our own swag.

In the last 12 months, men have spent more time working overtime (31%), binge-watching TV (28%) or playing their favorite video game (28%), than actually spending time with their best guy friend (13%). Experts say that giving up on close guy friends is one of the first signs that they are losing their confidence, and what is swagger without confidence?

Old Spice is one of the manliest grooming brands on the planet. 11 years ago it launched its Swagger collection that rapidly became a worldwide premiere scent. This week, Old Spice re-introduced their Swagger lineup and ad campaign to give us men a wakeup call in getting our swagger back. The ad campaign features actors Sarunas Jackson (Insecure, Games People Play) and Alberto Rosende (Shadowhunters) in dramatized silly reasons men give up on “guy time” and keeping their bond of brotherhood alive. The ads show how Old Spice is the secret ingredient men need to not only band back together but achieve an conquer anything.

79% of men agree they spend less time with their guy friends as they get older, and not only does it hurt, it’s starting to show. It’s tim