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Corr Kendricks talks Fox’s Empire and His New EP

Corr Kendricks is a Hip-Hop artist, a songwriter and an actor. His sound, lyrics and passion capture the true essence of discovering life, love and everyday obstacles through his music. We spoke with him about appearing on the hit show Empire, the music industry and new music.

QG: What inspired you to enter into the music industry?

Corr Kendricks (CK): Great legends like Tupac, Snoop Dogg, James Brown and Michael Jackson. They inspired me plus I was always into music. I always created it and things you can do with sound.

QG: How did poetry become an important outlet for you?

CK: Poetry became a great outlet for me because it was my way of venting and letting out this anger built up inside.

QG: What is the name of your mixtape and what is the inspiration for it?

CK: The name of my EP is Black & Gold. It’s inspired by current life situations. Things going on in the world, my race and my belief of who we truly are. Black represents me, my skin, my race and Gold represents me as royalty as a king. I believe we are kings and queens.

QG: If you could create music with anyone, who would it be?

CK: I would do something legendary. I would have to say Snoop Dogg, Pharrell or Dr. Dre. 

QG: You appeared in the hit TV Show Empire. How did you get that opportunity?

CK: I appeared in Empire because God made that happen. He brought the opportunity and I stepped up. I had to audition, of course, like anyone else but honestly long story short my cousin is very close friends with Bryshere Gray who plays Hakeem. He introduced me to a few people. Jim Beans, the person who wrote first seasons music, and I created a good friendship and when they were looking for someone he put me up for it. So most defintely salute to them. All love.

QG: Was playing Black Rambo your first acting role? How was that experience?

CK: Black Rambo was my first major role on a huge network. It was a great experience. Can’t really explain. It’s definitely a blessing. I’m thankful.

QG: Can we expect future acting roles from you?

CK: Definitely more acting. A lot more music and anything else. We are building a legacy that will be around when I’m gone. That’s the focus.

QG: What does Corr Kendricks have coming up in the future?

CK: I has a new single on the rise to be released featuring Fred Da Godson called Demeanor. My EP is dropping after that and jus work non-stop. Work and grind. Much love to the team, my fans and supporters, New York babies and kids,  my family, my wife and the Quintessential Gentleman.

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