The Benefits of Collagen Induction Therapy, for Men

Are you looking to safely reduce the appearance of scars, address fine lines and wrinkles and overall rejuvenate the skin on your face? You may just find that collagen induction therapy is a good option for you. Men of all ages and from all walks of life can see an improvement in their skin after a treatment.

Is this treatment right for you? Learning more about the benefits of collagen induction therapy might just prove to be what you need to make the decision to get this treatment done.

A quick understanding of collagen induction therapy

Also often referred to as micro-needling, this technique has long been used to address several skin concerns, including acne and scarring. A hand-held device known as a dermaroller is used during this therapy. The dermaroller is covered with very small needles that are used to lightly pierce the skin during treatment. According to men’s facial treatment specialists, Man Cave Sydney, the goal of this treatment is to encourage the skin into generating new collagen as it heals from the minor skin piercing, with the results being smoother, firmer and better-toned skin.

The procedure is mostly used on the face, and can be used in the treatment of large pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and also some types of scars.

Collage induction therapy is considered to be effective

Men who undergo this procedure often notice that their skin is firmer and brighter after treatment. There will be noticeable improvements to fine lines, wrinkles and even scars. It is important to note that the best results will be seen after multiple sessions have been done.

Patients can see results in the following targeted areas.

  1. Large pores

  2. Age or sun spots

  3. Acne scarring

  4. Other types of facial scars

  5. Decreased skin elasticity